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First Apartment

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Preparing to move into your first apartment is an exciting adventure. While choosing your first couch and bedroom suite can be fun, there’s more to consider than decor when shopping for your place. You want to ensure that there are no surprises once you move in.

Many things could affect your quality of life once you are settled in your new place. You could end up with noisy neighbors, unethical clauses in your lease, or a terrible internet connection that you will be relying on. Taking the time to look deeper than a cute balcony where you can entertain or an awesome view could make a difference in your general happiness in your first apartment.

Paying rent and getting settled in your first independent home can be expensive, so you want to treat your process with the same care as you would with any large purchase.

Paying rent and getting settled in your first independent home can be expensive, so you want to treat your process with the same care as you would with any large purchase. From signing up for renters insurance to checking out your potential neighbors, it’s essential to consider everything when shopping for an apartment. Let’s look at a few of the things that you need to do before you settle into your first apartment.

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Inspect the Lease

Before signing any type of contract, you need to read the whole document, even the fine print. Once you sign on the dotted line, you are legally obligated to comply with all rulings and regulations in the contract. If you aren’t sure about the legal language in the leasing contract, you can have a friend or parent go through it. Make sure that everything that your leasing agent promised is included in the contract. Watch out for any extra provisions like moving fees or pet deposits that haven’t been previously mentioned. It’s also a good idea to find out if there are clauses that cover getting out of your lease early if you need to move.

Talk to the Neighbors

Taking a moment to knock on a neighbor's tenant's door to introduce yourself can have a few benefits. Not only will you get an idea of what your neighbors are like, but you also have an opportunity to ask a few questions about what tenant life is like. Your first neighbor meeting will tell you what condition your neighbors keep their home if they have any pets and allow you to ask them what the pros and cons are about living there.

Visit At Night

Before you make your final decision about an apartment, it’s a good idea to visit your top options at night. Neighborhoods can look and feel very different in the light of day. Some areas that seem quiet during the day may turn into party central at night. You may also want to take a look at the crime rate in the neighborhood before making your choice.

Research Rental Insurance

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When you rent an apartment, you will need to get a renters insurance policy to protect your belongings. Your landlord will have a policy protecting them and their property, but any damages, loss, accident liability, or theft will be your responsibility. Most renter’s insurance policies are fairly reasonable in price. Shop around or talk to your current insurance broker about bundling your policies.

Renting your first apartment can be both exciting and overwhelming. Take your time and consider each aspect listed here to ensure that you end up with a home that you will love.