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As one of the most commonly used construction materials, steel is prized by construction workers and structural engineers alike. As such, if you’re involved in the industry, you know you can’t get your steel from just anywhere; you need to be sure of its source and quality. That’s exactly why you should rely on us for your steel products.

Why Check Steel Products Here?

1) Our Vision: Here, steel isn’t just a building material; it is our bread and butter. Our ultimate goal is to put a smile on the faces of our clients using our steel products. Hence, we sell nothing but durable, quality steel products

2) Our Services: We don’t just sell steel products, we practically breathe them. Hence, we offer painting, drilling, cutting, plate profiling, online sales, and a host of other services related to steel products. Thus, when you check steel products here, you get so much more

3) Our Pricing: We are straight shooters, and all we want is to put quality steel products in your hands. We offer competitive pricing without sacrificing anything in quality. Here’s a list of a few of our quality steel products.

Steel Products You’ll Love

Fashioned from a single piece of steel to maximize its structural integrity, our steel universal columns are just what you need for structural support and fabrication.

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1) Steel Universal Columns: Fashioned from a single piece of steel to maximize its structural integrity, our steel universal columns are just what you need for structural support and fabrication. Our steel universal columns are S355-grade steel, meaning each piece has a yield strength of at least 355N/mm2. In addition, its equal height and width means a universal column is perfect for load-bearing in situations where height is in short supply.

2) Steel Universal Beams: Unlike the steel universal columns with equal heights and widths, steel universal beams have widths that are significantly shorter than their heights. This makes them perfect for transmitting loads from slabs to columns. Hence, they may be used to bear loads from floors, walls, etc. Just like our universal columns, they are made from S355-grade steel

3) Steel Tube Clamps: No doubt the best feature of our steel tube clamps is that they do not require any welding tools during installation. They can be installed with the simplest tools i.e. a measuring tape, a spirit level, a ratchet, and a hacksaw. These tubular fittings can be used for a wide range of things such as in setting up machine guarding, safety railing, cricket nets, etc.

4) Mild Steel Channels: These channels are used to provide load-bearing functions above floor joists and gaps with structural loads that do not need a steel universal beam. These steel channels are easier to connect and can carry more load than taper flange channels.

5) Mild Steel Angles: These angles have a cross-section that is L-shaped and may have equal or unequal heights and widths. They have a long list of uses such as in the construction of racks, frames, shelves, etc and you can buy hot rolled carbon steel online from FastMetals.

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In conclusion, we have the industry know-how to provide you with the best steel products and a wide selection of products and steel-related services. Hence, you should check steel products here.