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Mental health awareness is the need of the hour. We should all empower each other in all facets of life. We all have our share of struggles, but to rise above them is the aim. Intrinsic motivation is the key in today’s busy world where we all are running on steam to achieve the best we can.

Zachery Dereniowski

This also goes with Zachery Dereniowski, a medical student whose purpose of life is to empower others. The 27-year-old is exploring the world, discovering his passions, and is using his previous adversities, to relate and inspire others globally. In his words, “I think life is not about you or me. I think life is about the footprint we leave in bettering the lives of others.”

Zachery who is born in Windsor, ON Canada, is a medical student at the University of Sydney in Australia pursuing Post-Graduate Doctor of Medicine Program. He pursued his Bachelor of Human Kinetics from the University of Windsor, Windsor, ON and Post-Baccalaureate in Pre-Medical Studies from Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, MI.

Inspired by Kobe Bryant, he has a keen interest in playing basketball, loves the outdoors, staying active, and working out.

He is a dual U.S. and Canadian citizen who has experienced life in a busy border city. Inspired by Kobe Bryant, he has a keen interest in playing basketball, loves the outdoors, staying active, and working out. He considers himself a scary movie buff. He indulges himself in spontaneous road trips. He says after exploring the natural beauty of New Zealand, it is his favourite holiday destination.

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We all have our share of struggles. So does he. It was difficult for him to excel in MCAT and get into a highly regarded medical program after he underachieved in college. In the first year of college he scored a 0.59 GPA. As a result, he was Required to Withdraw from the Biochemistry program. He pumped inspiration in himself with this failure. With lessons learned, he completed his studies and scored 4.0 GPA and over 510 in MCAT in his first attempt.

You don’t stop once you have risen above your struggles and are inspired by your own failure. Zachery is now a motivational speaker. He has been working as an MCAT tutor and wants to continue to help educate, empower, and mentor-driven students wanting to maximize their MCAT scores.

At present, he is creating content to empower people, especially ones who are battling with mental health issues. He is TikTok’s top mental health advocates with over 420K followers. He has been interviewed by the Sydney Herald in regards to his account and impact on the TikTok community. He wants to continue to spread awareness and through social proof, inform people that they are not alone and worthy of a better life. He looks forward to supporting people and educating them for using their own voice to do the same.