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Bingo is a game that’s always been popular at bingo halls. However, over recent years, it’s also proven to be popular as an online game, played in bingo rooms in online casinos and other gaming sites. By 2020, it had passed billions in profits because of its growth.

Growth in online bingo is echoed throughout the world. This goes to show that bingo players in different countries have adapted to the online version of the game.

Why has Online Bingo Grown in America?

As there was already a strong bingo community present, albeit playing in bingo halls, when online bingo came onto the scene. Not only was bingo being played in different rooms on bingo sites, but they were also added to the growing stock of games, which could be played at online casinos.

Add to this that each room would have a different prize, perhaps a rollover jackpot or fixed jackpot, and a theme, like fantasy or jungle, online bingo players would be spoiled for choice. Some operators even allowed free-play using their virtual currency. This altogether helped the online bingo scene quickly grow in America.

Who Plays Online Bingo?

Today, most bingo players are 50 years old or younger, with younger female players making up the majority of online bingo players, overall. However, there has been research that’s shown more males are playing bingo, which has only served to increase the game’s popularity.

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Benefits of Online Bingo

Aside from bonuses for new and existing players, of which there are many regularly available, technology has enabled some other benefits that benefit players. For instance, there is an option in most online bingo games that allows for the dabbing of numbers (crossing off of numbers on your bingo card as they’re called), to be automatically done.

This means there is less chance of a mistake occurring because it’s done as a number is called out. It also enables players' hands to be freed up, which is useful for those who may have mobility issues or like to do more than one thing at a time in a game.

There are also different games for players to select from. Some sites have game rooms that require 10 cents per game or card. If you’re new to a site, it’s worth reading up on what types of bingo games they have available as well as their rules. You never know, you may even come across some bingo lingo!

This is so that you know how to play before you commit to playing. By doing this, you’re able to think about how you want to play and if you have any questions, you’re able to ask another player, the bingo caller, or even customer service.

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Bingo is a game that’s been around for decades around the world. It shows no sign of diminishing, either. As it cements itself as a popular online game, it remains just as popular as a game played in a bingo hall.

People of different generations appear to be attracted to playing it, for various reasons. With the variety of themes, prizes, and genres, it looks like it’s a game that will keep drawing interest to it.