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You make payments month after month, but you never seem to get anywhere. So, why can't you eliminate credit card debt quickly?

Here's what you can do to change that.

Make a Budget

Making a budget is essential when trying to eliminate credit card debt. It's easy to spend more than you make and not realize you're drowning in credit card debt. A budget can help you understand how much money you can actually spend each month — and it can also help you strategize how to get out of debt faster.

Prioritize Spending

It's important to know exactly how much you have left in your budget after every monthly expense. Make a list of all your fixed expenses, such as rent or car payments, and then look at your credit card bill. Subtract your total credit card debt from that amount and figure out what's leftover for discretionary spending. If there isn't enough room in your budget for everything you want to spend money on, it might be time to cut back on some things until you can get out of debt faster.

Free Up Money

Free up money by reducing your expenses, selling off some things you don't need, or making more income. You can cut back on unnecessary purchases or increase revenue by getting a part-time job. Putting everything towards your debt will help you eliminate it faster.

Live on Cash Only

Cut up your credit cards and only use cash or a debit card, and you'll get out of debt faster. Credit cards are dangerous; they encourage you to spend money you don't have while providing little incentive for paying back what you owe. You can learn more about how to do this at

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Pay Off Your Credit Cards With the Highest Interest Rates First

If you're trying to eliminate credit card debt, prioritize paying off your credit cards with high-interest rates first. Those interest charges can really add up over time and make a big dent in your credit score if they get out of control. Paying off smaller balances first may help boost your credit score, but remember paying down more money on one of your accounts will have a more positive impact than paying less money on several different accounts.

Reward Yourself When You Pay Off the Balance of One Credit Card

Once you've paid off a card, treat yourself. You deserve it — you paid off the debt. What could be better than that? Your next reward should come after paying off another card. Ensure you keep up with these rewards to help keep you motivated until you're out of debt.

Transfer Balances Onto a 0% APR Credit Card

Try transferring any credit card balances not paid off yet. If your credit is good enough, you may be able to get a low interest 0% APR credit card and transfer all of your credit card debt onto it. With 0% APR, you can eliminate your debt faster because you are only paying off a lower interest amount. Just remember: pay off at least the minimum monthly payment each month on time to avoid further debt.

Double Your Minimum Payment

Make extra payments on your credit card bill. You can often do so by phone or online, and as a result, you pay less interest. However, if you don't have money to spare, it's probably not good to double up on minimum payments. Instead, try saving an extra $20-$100 a month until you can pay down your credit card debt more quickly.

Sacrifice Dedication and Discipline

Sacrifice, dedication, and discipline are how to eliminate credit card debt faster. Sacrifice a small weekly allowance for your minimum payments, dedicate that money exclusively towards paying off your credit card debt and then use discipline by sticking with it.