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With new ways of helping the planet being proposed regularly, it’s good to see an example of a switch that has provided positive benefits. One such case can be seen when we look at the way that online roulette games have changed the casino industry.

Less Travel for Players

In the past, players had to travel to play roulette, or other casino games like blackjack and slots. While some people live fairly close to a gambling venue, others need to make a long trip to play some games, so the option of betting online has proven to be extremely helpful for them. It saves them time and money because they can just start playing right away while at home.

An example of how this works can be seen when we look at the online roulette at Paddy Power, where versions such as Lightning Roulette and Premium Roulette are among the selection of ways of playing this timeless game. Many of their games have live human dealers, adding to the feel of being in a casino without leaving home, while others are played on computer-generated tables.

Of course, people will continue to travel to world-famous gambling destinations like Las Vegas, where 32 million tourists visited in 2021, with over 80% of them gambling while there, as reported by U.S. News. Macau is another example of a casino hotspot where millions of players travel from far and wide to take part, but the real impact of online casinos is seen with the casual players who travel smaller distances to play regularly in other cities or even neighboring states.

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No Need for Huge Venues

The biggest casinos on Earth are massive places that form part of resorts with hotels, restaurants, and even theaters. Some of them have dozens of roulette tables sitting alongside hundreds of slot machines and other ways of playing. This provides a vibrant atmosphere, where hundreds of players rub shoulders and generate a lot of excitement.

However, the negative aspect of this is that it requires a lot of energy to heat or cool these huge venues, with the energy required to cool venues being covered by The Guardian back in 2015. This compares to the online casinos, where each player takes part in this home. Even the live dealer games mentioned earlier are easier on the planet, as the dealers work in studios that are set up to look like luxury casinos.

Bear in mind all of the electricity needed to run the slot machines, the lights and everything else that is needed for a casino to run smoothly. Exact figures for the cost of running a land casino are difficult to find and, naturally, this would vary widely from one to another anyway. Issues such as location and the number of slots they operate need to be taken into account.

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All of these factors help to show us why online casinos have started to provide a viable alternative. Playing online is something that people choose to do for issues like convenience, but the idea of it being better for the planet should give us an extra reason to consider it.