Out of the Ashes, We Can Build a Strong Progressive Movement

toxic bipartisanshipNationwide, most Democrats are bemoaning the large loss of House seats last Tuesday. However, it was many of the “Blue Dog” democrats who were defeated in the general election. The Huffington Post reports: “the conservative Blue Dogs lost half their members, while the Progressive Caucus remains near eighty.”

What does this mean? Our nation’s Independent voters were looking for strong leadership during the last two years. They did not get it. Instead they were given a weakened message while the GOP stood rank and file on almost every major issue including rejecting those they had previously supported.

The GOP relentlessly publicly repeated the same sound bites while the “Blue Dogs” hurt the appearance of Democratic leadership because they stymied health care and helped water down other legislation and bills.

We need to learn from the loss of the “Blue Dogs.” The “Blue Dogs” talk about being “fiscally conservative” but that didn’t stop voters from firing them. You see, when it comes to conservative voters, a “Blue Dog” democrat will never be “conservative” enough. Indeed, former President Harry Truman once said:

“Given the choice between a Republican and someone who acts like a Republican, people will vote for the real Republican all the time.”

The lesson from Tuesday is simple. Democrats must be unified and elect real progressive democratic leaders that stand up for the people on the nation’s issues.

The nation is hungry for jobs. Jobs not unemployment, creates dignity. Being a Progressive should mean standing up for policies that help create jobs in America.

Being a Progressive means to promote policies which will help empower people and build strong and safe communities – not tear them down. Progressives understand when we lift people out of poverty we create a stronger more vibrant society.

Being a Progressive means standing up for public education and educating our people to the fullest extent.

Thomas Jefferson understood the benefit of educating the public and equal opportunity for all Americans because he proposed a bill to educate the masses. He believed that a public education system “would enable every man to judge for himself what will secure or endanger his freedom.”

Thomas Jefferson would have stood proud as a “Progressive” because progressive democratic principles actually promote individual choices, rights and freedom.

Being a Progressive Democrat means we understand that 30-second sound bites do not solve our state and nation’s problems.

When we have a natural disaster, many people come together to help solve the problem. We can no longer tolerate sound bites and divisiveness and must expose the efforts to divide us at every opportunity.

tracy emblemWe can build a strong 2012 Progressive movement starting now out of Tuesday’s democratic losses. But to do so, Independent voters will need to see strong leadership. To win the public’s hearts and minds, Progressive Democrats must have a strong unified message about why we want what’s best for America and ordinary everyday people.

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  1. Elaine says

    Kathy above is right. She does know that what she is talking about is even more then this just 2 months later. There are no more Democrats. They just use that name for being on the left of left. But now there are just not Progressives, but Socialists, Communists, Fascists, Marxist or a combination of 2 or 3 of them. Congresswoman Lee said that she is a Progressive and belongs to the Communists Party in California, Back last June she said there are about 100 Democrats in the House then that were Progressives, also. George Soros he only likes corrupt people because he is corrupt. If you are an American and do not stand by our Constitution, Bill of Rights, the Declarations of Independence then you are trying to corrupt your own country and the best thing you can do is to move to a country like Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Russia or whatever fits your agenda but do not try to destroy our country the United States of America that is the product of our Founding Fathers and wish to remain so. We believe that those that identify with the above are not Americans and do not deserve the right to live in our free nation and corrupt our Nation. I was shocked that a Congresswoman would admit to be a Member of a Communist Party. Then she stood beside Pelosi a few weeks ago and knelt her head in prayer for Gaby Gifford. She is trying to fool people because she does not want them all to know just like Pelosi tries to fool the people by thinking she cares. There are more true Americans then there are the rest of you strange breeds so leave our country and leave our way of life alone. Go to the other countries that do agree with you.

  2. kathy says

    It amazes me that people are not aware of the progressives true agenda. That is to destroy America as we know it and rebuild her into something that we will not recognize. I see a lot of people talking about bailouts and off shore drilling. The bailouts were to get control of manufacturing,the last in America, health care was all about control too,as well as the banking system..as so it goes. he drilling was to get control of energy and further destruction of jobs. Drilling can be safe..over 40,000 wells have been drilled safely. I live on the coast and a lot of the problems are NOT all BP ! some business were in a down turn to the point of going under already when the spill happened.Some things are natural occurance,but greed does take over where money is involved. The progressive movement is about taking all our freedoms away,no religion,no freedom of speech,no right to own,or make a living through free interprise,no anything as we are now. Porgressives are about redistribution of wealth,government control.and no personal wealth..after all according to progressives the gov know best,not you! For instance, the progressive left,move on.org,ACLU,and others like them,want to take away the rights of parents to homeschool,claiming falsely that the child should not be influenced by their parents belief…well then if not the parents ,then whose??? the progressives “NON belief” belief system? They(P.agenda) is to remove the rights of parents,it has already been tried ! They are also,take religion out of this country,mainly Christian.If they are successful,then Muslims,Hindus,Jews and the rest is next. Why are they SO threatened by the Christians?huh? Because Hitler did the same thing when he wanted to “change” Germany. He started with removing religion,he was to be worshipped, then he said HE was to be the teacher of the children and so to indoctrinate them. He did this by removing Parents rights…don’t believe ti??? throw away your progressive rewritten history books and find a REAl history book and READ IT AND RESEARCH IT! Don’t fall for the Progressive rhetoric,because it is all talk and not their real truth of their purpose. Be smart..investigate the lefts agenda,on your own…leave the koolaid behind. They are Not what you think,and from what I read here,the people who say they are agreeing with progressives don’t really realize what the agenda is…don’t allow YOURSELF TO BE DUPED…If Soros is behind anything PLEASE beware !

  3. Annette says

    Now this is a definition of progressivism that I can support. In addition to supporting the average working American, we need strong leaders who not only say they are Democrats, they must act like Democrats.

    If Obama and Congress bailed out main street instead of Wall Street, Democrats would have voted for them this year. Congress could have created something like the HOLC plan that saved homeowners and stabilized the real estate market during the Great Depression. Instead, they funneled millions to the banks so they could buy other banks, hire more attorneys and foreclose on more homeowners, making the mortgage crisis worse. If Obama and our Dems had not cheated us with their universal health INSURANCE wealth redistribution scheme, Dem voters would have shown their support at the polls. If Obama was not pushing for expanding offshore drilling, he might have inspired more environmentalists to vote Democrat (luckily the BP oil gusher happened a few weeks after Obama’s professorial lecture on how offshore drilling was really, really safe and good for our country). If Obama and our Dems had bothered to help with the gay rights issue, LGBT citizens might have shown their gratitude at the polls.

    Basically, if Obama had acted like a Democrat instead of a Republican these past two years, Dem voters would have kept our Party in power with the 2010 midterm elections. As it is, far too many Democrats are disgusted with our president and our Party, and that’s precisely why the Republican turnover occurred.

  4. John Lloyd Scharf says

    I love how people make Jefferson into something he was not. He had not intension of be progressive. Slave owners are not progressive. Here are some comment of his you might want to chew on:
    “For I agree with you that there is a natural aristocracy among men. The grounds of this are virtue and talents. Formerly bodily powers gave place among the aristoi. But since the invention of gunpowder has armed the weak as well as the strong with missile death, bodily strength, like beauty, good humor, politeness and other accomplishments, has become but an auxiliary ground of distinction. ”

    “The selecting the best male for a Harem of well chosen females also, which Theognis seems to recommend from the example of our sheep and asses, would doubtless improve the human, as it does the brute animal, and produce a race of veritable {aristoi} [“aristocrats”]. ”


    • Elaine says

      But so were some of the Black Founding Fathers slave owners. The people that sold slaves were black. Some of the black people fought with the Confederate Army out of choice not demand. So what does all of this mean? Nothing. We just have people out there that like stirring the pot and causing trouble.

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