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A slew of young people are puzzled by the goings on of the Democratic Party's presidential primary. Many newcomers to the political process can't seem to get their heads around the idea that a candidate like Bernie Sanders, who consistently draws tens of thousands to his events, is trailing a candidate who can't seem to fill a high school gymnasium.

5 Reasons Hillary Clinton Won

They find it incomprehensible that midway into the primary season mainstream media outlets seem to have abandoned the idea of covering the two remaining Democratic contenders. Instead, they're offering coverage that all but excludes one leading candidate while giving the other one—and the very likely Republican opponent—enough free publicity to stretch their campaign budgets from here to Philadelphia.

While most Americans would like to believe that our electoral system is designed to facilitate and expand the democratic process, the last few elections have made it abundantly clear that the established leaders of our two major political parties engage in behavior that screams, "We are not interested in expanding the franchise!"

LA Progressive readers—it's your turn to weigh in!

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Tell us—if Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic Party's nominee, what you believe are the top 5 reasons she got it.

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Sharon Kyle, Publisher