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It's been a hard week for our family and a hard week for all Americans.

American Gun Violence

A Hard Week for America

My wonderful Dad passed away this week, just days short of his 99th birthday and only a day after we had visited him in Florida, where he had lived for many years with his wife Betty. He was a wonderful example for his four sons and for all who knew him. Our family grieves his death.

David E. Price (1917-2016)

David E. Price (1917-2016)

Then, several police officers in Baton Rouge murdered Alton Sterling and in Roseville, Minnesota, not far from where my brothers and I grew up, another policeman murdered Philando Castile. Days later, a lone gunman murdered five Dallas police officers—Officers Brent Thompson, Patrick Zamarripa, Michael Krol, Lorne Ahrens, and Michael Smith—and wounded seven others. Two innocent black men, five innocent police officers—the nation grieves their deaths.

In recent months, we have been conducting a weekly survey. Sharon poses a question in an article that we circulate on Saturday and I then recap the responses in an article the next day or the day after that. The point of these surveys is to give our readers a chance to express their opinions on important issues of the day.

This week, Sharon started the process as she does every Saturday morning, but she broke down. The grief is just too much for her. She tells me she started crying uncontrollably yesterday when she was buying some books for the law school class she teaches. It's been a hard week.

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She asked me to finish the survey question. Here's as far as she got:

"Sitting in for MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, news host Joy Reid offered a rare insight into her own personal feelings on the shootings of unarmed black people and of the shootings of the police officers in Dallas. As a black woman herself, she talked about the anger and trauma every Black person in America experiences regularly as we are reminded of our disposability…."

So this week's survey will be an open-ended, open book essay question:

"Tell us what you think America can do about the all too frequent police murders of black and brown men, about America's rampant gun violence, about the maddening times we live in."

Please add your thoughts in the comments box below.

Dick Price & Sharon Kyle