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Folks, You're Going to Have to Do Better

Last week, you nailed Barack's vice presidential pick -- Joe Biden -- when fully 41% got it right.


But this week? Wow, not so much.

Only five of the 150 of you who took the survey wrote in the right answer -- Alaska'sSarah Palin-- and a couple of those votes came long after McCain announced her, which probably shouldn't count. True, we cleverly disguised the Republican intentions by leaving her name off our list, along with Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, but we figured you were a savvy political bunch who would see right through our little ruse. Apparently, you're not so savvy when it comes to Republicans -- and who can blame you.

As you can see from the results posted here, most of you went for Mitt Romney (49%), followed by Joe Lieberman (12%), Kay Bailey Hutchingson (7%), and the rest of the seven dwarfs.

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On who will be the first woman president, many of you are sticking with Hillary Clinton(43%). After Michelle Obama's big speech Tuesday, we figured more of you would go for the future First Lady or maybe one of the Obama girls, but only 4.7% went for Michelle Obama and 6.8% for Sasha. Two of our favorite Barbaras -- Boxer and Lee -- got a few write-in votes each, as did Chelsea Clinton, Caroline Kennedy, and Nancy Pelosi.

On California's next governor, John Garamendi (26%) led the pack, followed by Jerry Brown (18%), Antonio Villaraigossa (14%), Dianne Feinstein (9%), and Gavin Newson (7%). Here you get a reprieve because the election's still a couple years off.

Try to do better next time. We're gonna keep the surveys coming. :)

Full results here