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Cities in flames! Economic collapse to dwarf the Great Depression, never mind the Great Recession! Warfare with friend and foe alike! The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rejoicing!

America Under Trump

Life Under Trump—Dick Price and Sharon Kyle

According to our survey, life for Americans will be something else again should Don and Mel occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue—a preposterous prospect not so long ago that now seems not so dimly possible, to judge from increasingly troubling polls.

In the first part of the three-part survey, we learned—to no great surprise—that Democratic Party insiders would waste little time retooling the party for future success, nor would they honestly assess the limp candidate they put forth. No, as we’ve already begun to see, those surveyed believe the Democratic Party would go full tilt boogie on millennials for turning to third parties and anyone associated with the Bernie Sanders campaign, including the Vermont senator himself.

The second part of our survey asked what would happen to the country under a Donald J. Trump presidency. The biggest majority of you—68% of those who took the survey—foresee increasing racial tensions breaking out into violence against people of color and immigrants.

How could it be otherwise?

Donald and "The Blacks"

Donald Trump has risen to political prominence through a long-term, blatantly racist campaign. His whole eight-year “Birther” campaign to hobble President Obama with a bogus charge a putative Nigerian birth was designed to appeal to, indeed ignite racial hatred in that subset of America that detested having a black man at its head.

From there, he “pivoted” to calling Mexican immigrants rapists and murders, ridiculed “The Blacks,” and attacked all Muslims—you know the drill.

The carny knows the Lizard Girl didn’t really crawl out of the Okefenokee Swamp, that her hindquarters aren’t one long tail, that her hands aren’t shaped like alligator claws, that she's never laid an egg.

Trump’s defenders deny that he’s racist at all and point to the Black and Jewish celebrities he allowed to join his golf club in Florida, that photograph with his arm around Mike Tyson, remarks made to a black church in Detroit, whatever excuse they think will hold water.

Trump is all about Trump and it may be that he doesn’t believe the hateful things he says. It may be that he’s like the carnival barker drumming up a crowd for his attraction. The carny knows the Lizard Girl didn’t really crawl out of the Okefenokee Swamp, that her hindquarters aren’t one long tail, that her hands aren’t shaped like alligator claws, that she's never laid an egg.

Indeed, he knows that after the attraction has closed down for the night and the rubes have all gone on their merry way, the Lizard Girl will slip out of her excruciatingly tight costume, put on a dab of lipstick, and accompany him to a local watering hole for a drink or two or three.

But the next night he’ll be right back at it, telling the assembled crowd whatever they need to hear so they’ll line up, plunk down their two dollars, and go inside to watch Betty splash around in an inflatable swimming pool, making sounds like an iguana in heat.

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Does he worry that what he’s saying isn’t remotely true? Not in the least. That's entirely beside the point.

Just so Donald Trump. Journalists of late have been trying to catch him up in his many lies, but the truth isn't what's for dinner. Like the carny, Trump just says whatever he thinks will draw a crowd, which he’s darned good at. And somehow, America is letting him get away with it.

Problem is, the deep vein of racism in America is far larger than anything Donald Trump can control, even should he want to. Flatly stated, a Donald Trump presidency would be disastrous for people of color in America. Combine him at the helm with the many GOP-controlled state legislatures that are working devilishly to undo as much civil rights progress made over the years as they can, and we would be in for a blighted time indeed.

A Second Deep Recession

Although the economic recovery the Barack Obama Administration engineered over the past eight years left many workaday Americans behind, there has at least been some progress. Although economic inequality remains staggering—a second Gilded Age—but Wall Street is once again paved with gold.

Donald Trump as president would likely destroy any progress made under President Obama, reward the richest among us so that their ridiculous wealth could once again “trickle down” to us as it did under Ronald Reagan. 58 percent of you agree.

Since Trump has no actual policies—just zingers and tweets—he will need to surround himself with lieutenants who will attend to the day-in, day-out tedium of governing the country, while Don and Mel make the rounds of social engagements here and abroad.

The model here is George W. Bush, who was likewise considered lacking in presidential timber. So you had your Dick Cheneys and Don Rumsfelds and Paul Wolfowitzes and Alberto Gonzalezes and Colin Powells and Condi Rices driving us into disastrous wars, a cratered economy, and political malaise.

You can imagine Trump following suit, except he isn’t really close to experienced political hands and will bring rank amateurs into his administration. They'll likely do the job even quicker.

Unfortunately, at some level, George W. Bush seemed to know he wasn’t up to the task and leaned on others accordingly. Wrong as he is, Donald Trump thinks he’s just what the country needs. Wrong as he is.

Four of you thought Donald Trump would prove to be a surprisingly effective president. Well, somebody’s got to win the lottery.


The final part of our survey will ask what you and your family personally will do if Donald J. Trump becomes our 45th president. Look for it.

Dick Price & Sharon Kyle