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Bernie Sanders, by far this season's most popular presidential candidate, launched the next step in his post-primary movement, Our Revolution, with a livestreamed rally to 2,600 house parties from coast to coast—and, as you might guess, scant mention in the mainstream media.

Our Revolution

Taking much credit for the decidedly progressive platform the Democrats adopted in Philadelphia at Wednesday's event, a vintage Sanders rolled up his shirtsleeves to discuss the need for electing progressives to grassroots positions and calls to support a first slate of progressive candidates—including Zephyr Teachout, running for Congress in New York, and Russ Feingold, fighting to regain his Wisconsin Senate seat.

The launch hit a few bumps coming out the door, as key staff members resigned in protest at the naming of Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver to lead the effort. Strange, too, was the absence in Bernie's remarks of Tim Canova, the progressive Democrat challenging Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who had done so much to kneecap Bernie's primary campaign.

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our revolution

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