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The latest LA Times/USC Nationwide Tracking poll has Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton by six points! Maybe that poll is an outlier, a blip, mistaken in some way. And yet it's not terribly out of step with other general election polls that have Trump ahead, even, or just a little behind.

President Donald Trump

President Donald J. Trump: What Then?

Sure, polls go up and down during a race, and maybe Trump's lead will evaporate now that Clinton is back on the campaign trail, demonstrating that her collapse at the 9-11 event was not as serious as it seemed.

But what if the lead doesn't evaporate? What if on November 8th, more of your fellow Americans vote for the flimflam man with the yellow pompadour—an inconceivable thought not so long ago that's suddenly at least conceivable?

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Over the next three days, we'll ask the obvious questions: What happens to America if Donald J. Trump is its 45th president? How will the Democratic Party respond? And what will you do?


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