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Survey Results: You Nailed It!


Nea, Dick, and Sharon

In the first of our weekly three-question surveys, you nailed Barack Obama's choice of Joe Biden as his running mate. Fully 41%--or 105 of the 256 of you who had responded by Saturday evening--picked the long-time Delaware senator, confirming what many in the mainstream media had been indicating as the week wore on. Hillary Clinton was a distant second with 9.7% and Evan Bayh had 5.7%. No other candidate got more than 5%. In your write-in comments, Wesley Clark and Caroline Kennedy were each mentioned a handful of times.

On the question about why the race between McCain and Obama--and now Biden, the biggest vote-getter was that the Republican smear machine is hitting high gear, with 15.2% of the votes. Next was the observation that the mainstream media has a lot to gain from manufacturing a horse race whether or not one really exists--13.6%, or 93 , of you agreed with us on that one. The third highest was an uniformed populace, with 11.1%. The strongest thread in your write-in comments pointed to Obama's move toward the center--or the right--to take voters from McCain, which is confusing and disappointing his left-leaning base. A fair number of you also feel the polls either are not telling the story straight or will change dramatically once the Democratic Convention gets in full swing.

Our third question asked whose speech at this week's Convention will change their career--and possibly the course of history--as Obama's did at the last convention. The big winner was Hillary, with 18.2%, followed closely by Al Gore at 16.6% and then Michelle Obama at 10%. The comments on Hillary's speech--and her husband's--cut both ways as many of you felt that they need to refurbish their image by getting firmly behind Obama, or will further damage their images by further undercutting the Democratic ticket. Judging from the mood of the write-in comments here, your mood has soured on Democratic chances this fall. Let's home Biden's selection and this week's convention turns that around.

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Here's the three of us -- Nea, Dick, and Sharon -- at the recent "Marriage Equality" wedding of Nea's two Sunday School teachers at our Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church.

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