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See How You All Would Bring the Primary to a Conclusion


On April 27, Dick and I conducted two separate surveys, both concerning your opinion of how the Democratic Party should bring this primary race to a conclusion.You might be asking why we ran two surveys.To be perfectly honest, the reason we ran two is because we couldn’t agree on the framing of the questions. I didn’t like Dick's questions and he didn’t like mine.Maybe the topic affected us because it’s rare we find ourselves in a stalemate but, not unlike Obama and Clinton, neither of us would give.So we ran both surveys. Click here to see bar charts.

As always, you all came through with flying colors.We get such a thrill out of hearing from you.It reminds us that we really are not alone.There are many like-minded people out there looking for a place to voice there opinions. LA Progressive is the place for progressives to come and post their comments. Please visit us often. Enjoy the survey results. Click on the links below.

Survey #1
Survey #2

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