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Donald Trump says he plans to hit the ground running should he somehow win the election on November 8th.

Surviving President Trump

How Will You Survive a Trump Presidency?—Dick and Sharon

Calling climate change a hoax, he will renegotiate the Paris climate accord. Obamacare will go. There's that tall wall he will build all along our southern border with Mexico--which magically either the Mexico's government or its people will pay for. Then, 11 million immigrants already here will be rounded up and deported.

Waterboarding will be back, and New York City's infamous "stop-and-frisk" program will be the model for police departments from coast to coast. Social Security will likely be in the crosshairs. Trump has promised to clean ISIS's clock, so the wars Obama has been trying to wind down will be rapidly wound up and spread.

A wonderful time will be had by all, no doubt.

In the first part of our three-part survey, we found that a great many of you thought the Democratic Party would waste precious little time learning from its mistakes and building a stronger, more effective party for future battles. Instead, it would busy itself blaming third candidates—and especially Bernie Sanders and his supporters—for that.

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In the second part of the survey, we found that a majority of you thought racial tensions would rise to a boiling point with Trump as president, as he has made his bones blaming "The Blacks," Mexicans, and Muslims for so many of America's problems, stoking America's smoldering racist coals into a glowing fire that can only spread. The Donald's cockamamie economic schemes--he'll be the negotiator in chief, remember--will likely throw the country into another deep recession.

Now, in the final part of the survey, we want to know what you and your family would react should Donald Trump become our 45th president.


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