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Following hard on the heels of an angry, gaffe-filled Republican convention in Cleveland, Donald Trump lurched through a "week from hell" on the campaign trail this past week, during which he:

trump campaign troubles

What To Do With Donald?—Dick & Sharon

  • Picked fights with prominent members of his own party by refusing, at least temporarily, to endorse the likes of House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senators John McCain and Kelly Ayotte.
  • Made thinly veiled dog-whistle threats against his opponent's life by saying that "Second Amendment people" could stop Hillary Clinton from shaping the Supreme Court as president.
  • Claimed that President Barack Obama and Secretary Clinton "founded" ISIS, ignoring repeated friendly opportunities to "walk back" those absurd remarks.

All of which put him behind in at least one national poll by a remarkable 11 percentage points, giving rise to rumors of internal dissension on his campaign staff, rumblings about Republican insiders still trying to shove him aside, and even talk of Trump abandoning his campaign.

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You couldn't put this stuff in a movie. Nobody'd believe it.

But then you turn around and the latest USC/LA Times poll has him just one point behind nationally, with the right-wing media, at least, pointing out that Donald is filling large arenas all around the country, often right after the well-oiled Hillary campaign has visited the same city and had trouble filling high school auditoriums.

And for all the foolish things that come out of Trump's mouth, if you can still watch mainstream media, you'll see it's a wall-to-wall Trump extravaganza, giving him untold millions in free advertising.

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So this week, let's hear what our left-leaning readers think the progressive community should do about the Donald Trump candidacy.

Please select two or three choices, then share your thoughts in the comment section below, and look for our survey wrap-up in a day or two.

Dick & Sharon

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