Where Were You, Hillary?

AFT Endorses Hillary

hen 168 schools were closed in New York City, and more than fifty in Chicago and Philadelphia? When New Orleans became an all-charter district? When recess became test prep in high poverty schools throughout the nation and arts, music, and sports were pushed aside? When school libraries were closed or became places where students took […]

Gerard Crashes Tea Party on TV

leo w gerard

Berry Craig: This AFT-card carrying teacher hopes more union officials will take off the gloves and take on tea party brass hats like Gerard did.

Are Teachers and Democrats Headed for Divorce?

Randi Weingarten

Shamus Cooke: The Democrats continue on the road to corporate-inspired charter schools, using the tried and true method of “stronger teacher evaluations” to undermine “underperforming” schools and teachers — thus opening the door wide to private charter schools with their non-union workforce.