Republicans for Bernie

Republicans for Bernie

*+-Michael Hertz: In the past few days, I’ve run into two Republicans who said that they want Bernie Sanders for President. Republicans for a avowed democratic socialist. How did that happen?

Run, Bernie, Run

Bernie Sanders Running

*+-Michael T. Hertz: Bernie Sanders could use his “beat the billionaires” campaign with the two most likely Republican nominees, while Hillary could not because of her own money ties. But Rubio and Bernie share one quality: neither have a lot of personal wealth.

Side Effects: Popping Pills and Pop-Up Politicoes

Will Bernie Sanders Run

*+-Gary Corseri: Wasn’t there supposed to be a “War on Drugs”? Pinch me awake, but I’m guessing that we Baby Boomers lost… because it’s pretty clear that drugs—especially the “legal” ones—have proliferated in the heart of the Empire the way drones have darkened the skies over Afghanistan, Pakistan and all the little stans.

Forget Education Saviors, They Aren’t Coming

Democrats on Education

*+-Steven Singer: We can’t elect our way to sound education policy. It will take a massive popular movement of parents, teachers, students and people of conscience. Demands will be made. Protests will be staged. Revolutions may be waged.

The Money Delusion

money mint

*+-Mark Dempsey: Why does the Finance, Insurance, Real Estate sector, whose frauds caused the current economic meltdown, get trillions at the drop of a hat, and social safety net programs and revenue sharing with states, whose needs are far more modest, get the “one-finger salute”?

Kucinich’s Next Quixotic Move?


*+-Paul Hogarth: Back in 2008, his second run for President – where he seemed a lot more interested in trumpeting his attractive wife – finally provoked a primary challenge, who raised the legitimate question of what Dennis Kucinich has done for his own district.

The Progressive Caucus Budget

What Do You Expect

*+-We hear a lot about Ryan’s budget and the President’s budget but we’re not hearing very much about the Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget which appears to be more in line with what the average middle class American wants and needs. What’s up with that?