Bernie Sanders and MoveOn

Bernie Sanders and MoveOn

Michael T. Hertz: If MoveOn supports Sanders, that will be a big step. It will, in effect, take away from Hillary Clinton’s contention that she is a progressive and will give a big boost to Sanders’ campaign.

Will Americans Vote for a Democratic Socialist?

Bernie Sanders Education Policy

Lawrence Wittner: The recent announcement by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, an avowed “democratic socialist,” that he is running for the Democratic nomination for President raises the question of whether Americans will vote for a candidate with that political orientation.

The Sanders Conundrum

TPP Passed

Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer: Bernie Sanders’ campaign for president within the Democratic Party has posed a challenge for the anti-capitalist left in the U.S.: Should his campaign be endorsed?

Bernie Sanders and an Aberrant Media

MSNBC Attacks Bernie

Larry Wines: Unwarrented labels. Trivializing, defining, ball-and-chain labels, the very labels that the MSNBC show hosts affix to Bernie Sanders with all the epoxy they can conjure, as if (their choice of) these labels were part of his name.

Republicans for Bernie

Bernie Sanders and MoveOn

Michael Hertz: In the past few days, I’ve run into two Republicans who said that they want Bernie Sanders for President. Republicans for a avowed democratic socialist. How did that happen?

Run, Bernie, Run

Bernie Sanders Running

Michael T. Hertz: Bernie Sanders could use his “beat the billionaires” campaign with the two most likely Republican nominees, while Hillary could not because of her own money ties. But Rubio and Bernie share one quality: neither have a lot of personal wealth.

Side Effects: Popping Pills and Pop-Up Politicoes

Bernie Sanders Education Policy

Gary Corseri: Wasn’t there supposed to be a “War on Drugs”? Pinch me awake, but I’m guessing that we Baby Boomers lost… because it’s pretty clear that drugs—especially the “legal” ones—have proliferated in the heart of the Empire the way drones have darkened the skies over Afghanistan, Pakistan and all the little stans.

Forget Education Saviors, They Aren’t Coming

Democrats on Education

Steven Singer: We can’t elect our way to sound education policy. It will take a massive popular movement of parents, teachers, students and people of conscience. Demands will be made. Protests will be staged. Revolutions may be waged.