The Cure for Plutocracy: Strike!


*+-David Swanson: How do you get politicians living off legalized bribery to criminalize bribery? How do you persuade the corporate media to report on the interests of flesh-and-blood, non-corporate people?

Angry Left Needs Hugs and Kisses

Elizabeth Warren

*+-Jules Siegel: The angry left presumes that the president is in full control of the government, when he’s obviously not. Even George W. Bush learned that and he was a Republican.

Republican Money Terrorists


*+-Jerry Drucker: The G.O.P. does it for greed and power and they don’t believe anyone can stop them if they stay in lock-step and continue to stick to the lying talking points, the powerful CEO’s and the huge corporations that continue to control the mass media.

Arnold’s Bathtub

arnold swartzeneggar

*+-There is NO WAY Pat Brown would allow the type of cuts Arnold is trying to force onto Californians.