A target drone is an unmanned, remote controlled aerial vehicle. In their simplest form, target drones often resemble radio controlled model aircraft. More modern drones may use countermeasures, radar, and similar systems to mimic real aircraft. The Obama administration has been criticized for its use of drones in Pakistan, Afghanistan and regions in the Middle East.

Ending Drone Assassinations: Let It Shine

Drone Assassinations

Kathy Kelly: We walked in solidarity with villagers in Gangjeong, South Korea, who’d welcomed many of us to join in their campaign to stop militarization of their beautiful Jeju Island.

Killing Crabs and Arabs

Killing Arabs

David Swanson: The distancing of killing doesn’t just make it easier. It also hides important considerations behind gleaming temptations.

Why Elites Love Drones

Creating Terrorists

RJ Burrowes: Drone strikes work precisely because they provoke violent responses which help elites to ‘justify’ their perpetual war to secure control of the world’s diminishing supplies of fossil fuels, water and strategic minerals while tightening control of domestic populations through expansion of the security and surveillance state.

The Front Page Rule

Drone Killings

Kathy Kelly: If we didn’t see enemy soldiers as “murdering terrorists” lacking the human emotions and rights of our own troops, and enemy civilians as “collateral damage” whose deaths are automatically the fault of all who resist us, then there couldn’t be a drone program.

Challenging Drone Warfare in a U.S. Court

Challenging Drone Warfare

Kathy Kelly: I noted that drone strikes on October 7, 2014 killed seven people, in Pakistan and that this is the third day in a row of drone attacks in Pakistan’s Waziristan area.

Harassing the Drones

Drone Protesters Arrested

Kathy Kelly: As peace activists, we should voice our concerns about the U.S. military’s accelerating reliance on weaponized robotics before every branch of government, including the judicial branch.

What Drone Technology Has Unleashed


Munir Moon: Al-Qaeda could not have imagined that Washington would be doing its work for them by keeping America in a never-ending state of war and fear while losing our privacy and civil liberties.

Codepink Political Theater?


Gary Corseri: In this Great Wrenching, the assault on conscience and consciousness is taking place on all fronts, on all levels, at, literally, break-neck speed.