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Flex Your Vote


Tom English: Flex Your Vote. America is in a tender place right now but we can change that.

LA Progressive Live

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Tune in Monday, November 3rd, at 3 p.m. PST for the kickoff of our new Internet radio program, “LA Progressive Live!” You’ll find us at LA Talk Live!—and we’ll archive the 1-hour show on LA Progressive for later viewing.

Obama Regains Momentum After Final Debate

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Randy Shaw: Obama lost a lot of volunteer enthusiasm after October 3. While he regained some of it after the second debate, the real resurgence did not occur until Obama’s commanding performance this week.

Does Romney Stand for Anything?


Tina Dupuy: As far as Romney goes, I really don’t know who this dude is: I’ve watched dozens of speeches, read hundreds of articles and sat through 23 national debates and I can’t tell you where Romney stands on any issue.

Ideology and Politics


Steve Hochstadt: onsiderable pressure has been brought on Republicans at the federal level to make ideological promises which exclude political compromise. The most notable is the Taxpayer Protection Pledge not to raise taxes ever on anyone, promoted by Grover Norquist.