Living Wage

Contrary to common belief, teens represent less than 12% of the low-wage work force. Over 60% of low wage workers are between 25 and 65 years old. We need a living wage.

Why Hasn’t Minimum Wage Raise Happened Yet?

Los Angeles Minimum Wage

*+-Rosemary Jenkins: It is just counterintuitive that our economy can grow if people have no money to spend! Earn more, spend more–on housing, cars, food, clothing, all of which then generates more jobs at the retail level, manufacturing, construction, and so forth.

Raising Most People’s Wages

Raising Most Wages

*+-Robert Reich: The real job creators are members of America’s vast middle class and the poor, whose purchases cause businesses to expand and invest.

Paid Sick Days Are a Human Right

Paid Sick Days

*+-Melissa Goodman: The ACLU supports the Raise LA campaign because basic economic rights are inextricably intertwined with civil rights and civil liberties. When Californians lack basic economic security – when they are unable to or must struggle to fulfill basic human needs – they cannot fully exercise their civil liberties and civil rights.

Walmart: Welfare Queen


*+-Walmart Food Stamps: The next time a conservative drones on about “entitlements”, remind them that Walmart survives on food stamps

Fast-Food Strikers Fighting for Us All

fast food strikers

*+-RJ Eskow: In fact, if the minimum wage had kept pace with inflation, it would be more than $16 today. These fast-food workers have pitched their wage request exactly right.

Fast Food Workers Stand Up, Walk Out

fast food workers

*+-Jamala Rogers: They are not in a good mood and they certainly aren’t lovin’ it. If workers in the fast food industry really had it their way, they’d get a livable wage and better working conditions freaky fast.

Activists Breathe New Life Into May Day

may day

*+-Peter Dreier: This year, in the wake of Occupy Wall Street and the rebirth of a national movement for social justice, a wide spectrum of activist groups will be out in the streets to give voice to the growing crusade for democracy and equality.