Did the Berlin Wall Really Come Down?

Tear Down that Wall

*+-The Reds responded to such ridicule with paranoia and increasingly strident attacks, claiming that their opponents were dishonest and morally corrupt. Red governments proclaimed that the moral bankruptcy of non-Red societies would lead inevitably to the collapse of all but the Red states.

Arnold’s Bathtub

arnold swartzeneggar

*+-There is NO WAY Pat Brown would allow the type of cuts Arnold is trying to force onto Californians.

“You Are Now the Owner of a Brand New Car (Company)!”

Walter Reuther

*+-We now own a major stake in the largest auto company in the world. With the General Motors Corporation filing the second-largest industrial bankruptcy in world history, the US government has stepped in to take a 60% stake in the company and the autoworkers’ healthcare fund taking ownership of 17.5%. In a reversal of Aesop’s […]