Donald The Terrible

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Lila Garrett: If Trump gets his way, the children born in the U.S. to undocumented immigrants from south of the border will no longer be Americans. Off with the head of the 14th Amendment.

Will Trump Be 2016′s Prop 187 for Latino Voters

Trump Latino Voters

Victoria DeFrancesco Soto: What started with name-calling–Mexican immigrants as rapists, criminals, disease carriers, and most recently “anchor babies”–has evolved into an immigration plan that deport all undocumented persons and rescind birthright citizenship.

Trump Taps Into GOP Xenophobia

Trump Ends GOP

Alvaro Huerta: By viciously attacking Latino immigrants, Trump makes it crystal clear to one of the nation’s fastest growing demographic and key voting groups that they are not wanted in the GOP.

Why Jobs Trump Deficit Reduction

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Robert Reich: Friday’s jobs report shows an economy that’s still moving in the right direction but way too slowly, which is why Washington’s continuing obsession with the federal budget deficit is insane. Jobs and growth must come first.

On Trump, FOX, and God


Carl Matthes: Birthers, the life-blood of Republican primary voters, stoked by FOX News, have fanned the flames of raced-hatred towards President Obama by claiming he is not “one of us.”