Tar Sands Blockade

Tar Sands BlockadeYou are invited to come stand with us in downtown Los Angeles on January 28th in peaceful, unified protest of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) – funded Keystone XI Pipeline.

In solidarity with Idle No More and Tar Sands Blockaders everywhere, this is our moment to draw attention to the destruction of our natural landscapes and our way of life, a destruction financed by CIBC World Markets.

When:  10:30 am Monday, January 28, 2013

Where:  6080 Center Drive Los Angeles, California 90045

CIBC banks own over $500 million worth of stocks in The TransCanada Corporation, which is now attempting to construct the Keystone Xl Pipeline.

If completed, the pipeline will transport diluted bitumen from Alberta to refineries on the Gulf Coast; the resulting fuel will be sold to the highest bidder on the global market. The highly controversial Bill C-45 permits this desecration to happen, putting the indigenous people of Canada and America’s agricultural heartland – including the Missouri, Platte, and Niobrara Rivers, and the Ogallala Aquifer – in peril.

lauren steinerThe short-lived reward of temporary jobs pales to insignificance when compared to the permanent consequences of poisoned drinking water, permanently damaged soil, and diminished biotic diversity, as well as the staggering costs – in both human life and property – of an ever-rising global temperature caused by the burning of non-renewable carbon-intense fuels.

Lauren Steiner

Sunday, 27 January 2013

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