Tea Kettle Crowd: So You Want Your Country Back?

gop transformation“I want my country back!” The rally cry of the Tea Kettle folks, a rag tag mix of Astroturfed angry mostly retired white folks who are just to darn upset about the fact that the country they grew up in, isn’t the same as they want it to be. After all, they already got their stuff, their pensions from union wages, medicare and social security and they don’t even realize this came about as a result of liberal progressive government.

They don’t like having a black man as a President, they see communists and socialists, homosexuals, terrorists muslims and minorities taking over and they want to go back to the 1950s before the enlightenment of blindness to peoples race and sexuality started to become the norm of the 60’s and beyond.

They want the fantasy of safety and security they thought that world provided and has been lost to all the rest of us. Well, they are now a mere 29% of the population, they are, the new American minority and they want us all to leave or live under their dogmatic control. They don’t and never have played well with others. That is why we have all changed and grown and they haven’t.

They want no more government; they want all power to the right-wing corporations and fundamentalist religious institutions. They don’t want anyone telling them what to do or how to live their lives, but they are all ready and willing to dictate their beliefs and patriarchal dogma on the rest of us. You know, your body is not your own, it’s theirs because they know better.

Well, let’s see if they really want to go back… back to the days of 95% tax rates to wealthy individuals and highly taxed corporations. Those were the taxes that built our road and highways, the schools they went to and the stable middle class that allowed them to feel so secure. Ah, but they don’t want to remember that. They want to think only that blacks and minorities, women and children knew their place and listened to their oftentimes domineering elders because they new better (even though they were hypocrites then too).

They really don’t want to go back to the days of free public education where you learned more than just reading and math, where arts, crafts, shop, sports, music and civics were creating balanced lives and aware individuals who learned how to think… they want tests and strict corporal punishment rather than caring and compassion. They want private schools, vouchers, toll roads and no taxes for corporations who abuse the public and environment… they don’t want laws that protect people, they want judges only to protect the powerful. What a mess!

Okay, we Progressives are not pushovers like President Obama who wants to start from the place he thinks he’ll end up as a means of negotiating… we will negotiate with you to go back to the 50s if to begin, you are willing to work at the minimum wage of $1.25 an hour and we raise taxes to the wealthiest Americans and corporations to match that time gone by. We Progressives know that will revitalize America because the rich and businesses will take the money they would have as profits to buy up smaller companies would instead reinvest that money into their businesses, creating jobs and wealth for all. And guess what, that will create more people paying more taxes to rebuild our roads, create green jobs and educate our young people for a more positive future, and most importantly, create good customers to help grow small and large businesses which pay taxes and stabilizes our economy and government.

You remember, that was what really happened back in those days and that is why you felt so secure. Sure, you liked having the minorities in their places, but that isn’t coming back. Sorry. Not on the table. Women in the kitchen, nope, not gonna happen unless they want to. The world has changed, time for you folks to grow up and get a life.

wayne williamsNow, if you can’t face the truth of living in the present and come to the table rather than be the party of no and hate, the rest of us are going to move forward and do it without you.

We have no other choice.

Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams is a board member of VDU and Secretary/Treasurer of the California Clean Money Action Fund, the 501c(4) who worked to pass the California Fair Elections Act on the June 2010 ballot.

Reprinted with permission from the Valley Democrats United newsletter, Margie Murray, Editor, where the article first appeared.


  1. David Kramer says

    Progressive huh?
    Progressing towards what?
    Individual responsibility and rights are the bastion of true liberalism. The liberals of today in their progressive wrapper, are just closet communists and socialists. They do not want to actually state their true beliefs because everyone would see what and who they are, tyrants.
    You attempt to equate everyone in the Tea Party movement with the religious conservative movement. FUNNY, what do you say about us Constitutional Libertarians, that are actually the backbone of this movement? You attempt to place everyone in the TPM within a box that you paint with this wide brush. Freedom is freedom, no matter how much one earns. Nice attempt at class separation there, Saul Alinsky much?
    Oh, and the progressives can no longer call themselves liberal, they are not classical liberals. You are just a bunch of commies and marxists. Do not like the label? Too bad, that is what you are. Maybe you should begin spouting your true colors and quit calling yourselves progressives and liberals. Us TRUE liberals despise you, you have no honor. You have no self reliance. You are despised by true liberals.
    As for your attempt to state that freedom is a moniker of the progressive movement, hmmmm, what party throughout history called for freedom and equality. Oh and bye the bye, giving someone redistributed welfare is not freedom and equality, that is slavery and control. Being a progressive, you must really love the Federal Reserve and your banking masters, huh?

    How bout getting off that plantation?

  2. Brenda C says

    Wayne, this is a most amazing piece & being a woman & Lakota, I REALLY appreciate that there ARE compassionate people all over that see humanity & justice a right for all, and not a priviledge for some.

    James, I will DEFINITELY check out your site & it is way too awesome to know that there ARE caring people doing selfless acts to HELP each other, our Nation & by circumstance, the world!

    I atttended 2 Tea rallies here in Denver because I wanted to listen to what their message would be. Instead, I found a crowd that was extremely racist, hostile & NOT shy about it or EVEN embarrassed by their blatant bigotry. Four ladies in the crowd who LOOKED like sweet old, white-haired, cookie-baking grandmothers were carrying 4 BLACK GORILLA stuffed animals with the names “Barack, Michelle, Sasha, Malia” sewn or embroidered into them!! As I attempted to at least ask them if they didn’t find anything about this a bit racist, their response was, “No it’s not, ANYONE could purchase these same items at the Denver Zoo”….WHAT!!??? This from 4 ladies who I WANTED to see good in because they “looked” like good SHOULD be in them….and what I saw as wrong, they saw as “it is anyone’s RIGHT to do the same”.

    When I tried to explain that is offensive, some huge biker type came over & THREATENED me! He called me an INTERLOPER (?) & agitator! I simply wanted to attend a Tea party rally myself & again, hear the message. I am very involved in my community & was NOT there to agitate anything/anyone. Yet nobody within that area of the crowd wanted to explain WHY gorilla’s aren’t racist when in reference to humans…

    We all should have compassion & treat everyone with justice & equality, for that is what will truly lift humanity! (IMO :)

    Thank you to all who are there brother’s keeper!

  3. Joshua says

    “A straw man argument is an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent’s position. To “attack a straw man” is to create the illusion of having refuted a proposition by substituting a superficially similar yet unequivalent proposition (the “straw man”), and refuting it, without ever having actually refuted the original position”

    Your entire argument against the tea party movement can be boiled down to this , White people (and their sympathizers) are stupid, crazy, racist, religious zealots.


    Why don’t you read their Actual argument and refute that, rather than refute your own paranoid delusions of what you think the Tea Party stands for.

    Do you want to execise basic powers without government interference ? Do you believe in Individual rights and resposibility? Do you believe that the Government’s Money is actually YOUR money ? Do you want to kick the “Political Class” in the huevos?

    You , gentle reader, may have a lot more in common with the Tea Party supporters than you think. It’s up to you to find out.

    • Tom says

      Sorry, Joshua, you can’t run and hide.

      Remember, you posted your intentionally dishonest, hypocritical crap in comments on other essays. Then you got challenged to put up facts to defend your positions.

      But you knew that your posts were dishonest and that there were no facts to defend them.

      So instead of responding, you slunk over here, to a different essay, and once again started sliming away with: “fallacy,” “misrepresentation,” “straw man,” “illusion,” “superficial,” and “paranoid delusions.”

      But, as I told you before, attacking adjectives, cribbed from your Tea Party Express mailers, are no substitute for facts.

    • says


      I’ve got a “Tea Bagger Anti-Socialist Pledge” I’m going to ask you to sign before I go any further responding your your comments.

      You can download it here and sign it with your full name and post it back here to show us you are more than willing to put your beliefs out there for all the world to see.

      Just go to:


      Now let’s see who the straw man really is.

  4. says


    Thanks for the work you are doing and the insightful comments! Lot’s of work ahead, but we’ve got to push the point… it is time to reinvest in our nation, and ourselves for this nation will no longer exist nor will it be able to compete or be an example to the rest of the world.



  5. says

    Great article and I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I’ve started a new movement…called “Give Back America”

    See here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Give-Back-America/158413457502535

    Who exactly are they taking it back from? The poor? People of Color? Members of the LGBT community? The U.S.A. is now and always has been an immigrant nation. We should not give absolute control to those who have enjoyed white privilege since their ancestors first stepped foot onto this land.

    This country was founded on the premise there would be liberty and justice for all…not just the majority!

    The time has come to “Give America Back”!

    That’s right, give it back to the Native American people who were raped, diseased and murdered as their land was stolen. Give it back to those who are here because their ancestors were brought here by force to build a land of opportunity that’s only largely been accessible to White Christians. It’s time to give it back to our LGBT brothers and sisters who have been denied the right to marry, parent, hold a job or live where they choose because discriminatory laws, made by white Christians have legalized discrimination.

    It’s time to give it back to the female population that stands for a woman’s right to choose.

    It’s time to give this nation back to the people who have gone bankrupt or lost their home from becoming ill. This is the ONLY industrialized nation where that can even happen!

    Taxation is NOT an issue in this country as the U.S. boast one of the lowest tax rates of any nation yet has one of the best infrastructures on the globe.

    Let’s all enjoy the benefit of living in a nation built on the concepts of equality and freedom of religion!

    This is everyone’s country…Let’s give it back!

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