Tea Party America’s Al-Qaeda?

tea partyIt came to me in an epiphany that the Tea “Party” is  simply America’s Al-Qaeda. Let’s look at this movement. The Tea Party, like Al-Qeada, has no head but rather is run by many small groups (cells). It, like Al-Qeada, is ultra-conservative with each group deciding what essential documents (like the Qur’an) mean. For example, the Tea “Party” picks which parts of the Constitution are really “American”.

The Tea “Party”, like Al-Qeada, advocates killing leaders with whom they disagree (see Nevada). The Tea “Party”, like Al-Qeada, hates homosexuals and women who think outside of their “family values”.

The Tea “Party”, like Al-Qaeda, is willing to use hate and lies and half truths to make its points. The Tea “Party” leaders use the media to show how successful they are by publishing false pictures of their gatherings (thanks Glenn Beck). The Tea “Party” has no purpose except like Al-Qaeda to overthrow the US Government and assure the failure of the present US President and our Country.

My conclusion – the Tea “Party” is America’s Al-Qaeda!

So it is time to treat them like we do Al-Qaeda

  • First, ignore them. That is what Republicans did with Al-Qaeda for years, saying that they had no place in the American discussion of world politics.
  • Second, negotiate with them. That is what the Republicans did with Al-Qeada when Bush Senior was in office.
  • Finally, finance them. That is what is what Bush and Raygun did when they were in office.

These successful tactics helped assure that Al-Qaeda went the way of the dinosaur! Of course I am being facetious.

So here is the question of the day: When will the Democratic Party and its allies step forth and fight the Tea Party terrorists?

IWe know we can’t ignore them; they will only grow stronger. We can’t negotiate with tTerrorists. We can’t persuade them to change their minds. Moreover, they are raising hundreds of millions of dollars on the Internet.

Come on, America. Regardless of what real Political Party you are a member, we have to come together to protect our American rights and our future.

But I know that the Al-Qaeda Tea party is safe. Why? Because Democratic voters and true American voters will do nothing. They won’t walk precincts . They won’t call their friends and other voters to urge them to vote against the insanity of the Tea Party.

They wont work in this election. Because, after all, who needs health care — only the illegals are going to benefit? Who needs education — only the illegals, and who needs jobs — there aren’t any because the illegals have them all?


I agree with Steven Colbert that the only way to fight illegal aliens is to stop eating fruits and vegetables and stop all work in America!

This way we will be, well, dead.

So, America, don’t join the labor walks tomorrow. Don’t vote for any Democratic candidates — after all, they are nothing but people who don’t believe in the Al-Qarda version of the Constitution, I mean Tea Party.

PS The epiphany came from the wife.

Steven J. Ybarra


  1. Daryl Nuccio says

    I suggest that Mr. Ybarra and his wife spend a year in Syria.
    Let’s try this: all of you who agree that the Tea Party is America’s Al-Qaeda will
    spend a month as hostages of an Al-Qaeda group and those of us who disagree will be hostages of a Tea Party Org. If you’re still alive after a month and your head is still in tact we will re-convene and share our stories.
    Wake up!!

  2. jimmy says

    This author is a great example of the phrase ‘liberalism is a mental disorder” Al-Qeada has murdered thousands of people around the world. The tea party hasn’t murdered anyone. In fact, tea party protests are never violent. On the other hand you have the occupy wall street protests. They have been violent.

    He says republicans ignored Al-Qeada for years. Mr. Ybarra, did you forget about all the terrorist attacks against America in the 90s when Clinton was president? The first world trade center bombing 1993. The US embassy attacks in Africa. The USS Cole attack. The Khobar towers bombing. The CIA told Clinton they knew where Osama bin Laden was, and they could kill him. But Clinton wouldn’t give the authorization.

    • Daryl Nuccio says

      Jimmy, giving these people facts is as useless as banging your head against a wall.

      I’d like to add the beheading of Fr. Francois Murad to your list.

      Thanks for your post.

  3. Mindy Robinson says

    I work to bring Americans back togather. You sir are what I consider a member of the third party. I think you spread ignorance to deceive Democrats who sir believe in the constitution , freedom, liberty and justice. You are the enemy sir and you are not a Democrat!

  4. Razoo says

    Well, that was good for a chuckle. It’s pretty obvious that the author has no clue what the Tea Party stands for, what their goals are, or the make up of their rolls. I found the article to be typical Leftist propaganda, short on facts, and long on imagination.

  5. Ryder says

    Steve says: “I agree with Steven Colbert that the only way to fight illegal aliens is to stop eating fruits and vegetables and stop all work in America!”

    I think Colbert is a sharp guy. Too bad he is an idiot as well.

    Steven has the slave owner’s mentality… wanting agricultural methods that are many thousands of years old to stay in place so that Mexicans can take work from American engineers.

    But he’s too dumb to see it.

    That’s right… the produce pickers from Mexico put American engineers, technicians, software designers, and many others OUT of work.

    We USED to use slaves to pick cotton, but ACTUAL progressives decided to end slavery and left the cotton industry out of luck… right? Without slaves, the cotton industry was now free to modernize and innovate… escaping the ridiculous spectacle of farming with one’s hands like ancient peoples.

    The US eventually became the world’s largest producer of cotton, all because we STOPPED using manual labor.

    Steve… you need to wake up, my man.

  6. James says

    sigh… facepalm… there’s just no help for you if you’re still believing and, no less, propagating them. Please get your head out of the CNN/MSNBC toilet, do your own research – so that you stop regurgitating all the lies that you so readily accept – through independent sources… and I don’t mean media matters, and finally, quit being a bigot. We are not “tea baggers” any more than a black man is a “n*****” and we will not stand for being referred to as such. We are not crazy and we are not “constitutionally selective” all of the constitution is important, maybe when you learn how to read a political document I’ll explain it to you. in the meantime, I’ll refer you to Leviathan – Thomas Hobbes, Common Sense – Thomas Paine, Two Treatises on Government – John Locke, and The Federalist – Madison, et al. There is no way that any sane, rational human being that, fully informed of all consequences, would continue to behave like a stereo-typical Democrat. The ideological grounding of the party, rooted in FDR altar worship, is founded in sand and will kill the entire country. Please, dear God, wake up and smell reality.

  7. says

    All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.

    A man does what he must – in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures – and that is the basis of all human morality.

    There is nothing more exhilarating than to be shot at without result.

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    –the above attributed to Winston Churchill

  8. Fritz Dahmus says

    Mr. Ybarra….you are an idiot. With writers such as you on this website, I will not be back. I could go on and on about your lack of a solid arguement and poor logic. But I am tired of people like you….good bye.

  9. Joshua says

    Your Logic is dizzing.

    Al-Qaeda is a group, so is ABBA. They Both begin with an “A”! They both don’t speak english that well! They both come from a country other than the US! John McCain Likes ABBA, he admitted it!

    Thus John McCain is an Al-Qaeda sympathizer! Thus, so is the Republican Party! Thus so is anyone who voted for McCain for President!

    Thus we must send our dear leader to apologize and prostate himself before ABBA and beg them never to perform “Waterloo” ever again!

    Al-Qaeda? Who are they again?

    Before you decide to campare and contrat Al-Qaeda and the “Tea Party” again, maybe you should learn a little about both of them.

    • Tom says

      It’s so much easier to set up straw men and try to ridicule than to address the substantive facts set out in the essay, isn’t it Josh?

      I wonder if you would give any actual thought to Mr. Ybarra’s essay if you weren’t so wedded to your Tea Party Express talking points.

      Or if Mr. Ybarra didn’t have such a “Latino” sounding name?

      • James says

        I love that you automatically assume that the man is a bigot. Self-consciously projecting much? Seriously, the tired old “everyone who opposes illegal immigration is a bigot” line is so tired out and false it makes my ears bleed to hear it. Please stop assuming that you are superior because you like to give your money to the government; it’s unbecoming.

  10. Jay Levenberg,Esq. says

    Why are tea-party supporters that will vote Republican this year any different that progressives that vote with the Democrats. In 2006 a huge number of anti-war protesters voted with the Democrats to make a statement about Iraq. Bush didn’t listen and the Republicans lost the next big election. This year, the tea-partiers will push deep cuts in the budget, a rollback of the new healthcare bill and a very pro-business agenda. This group doesn’t seem the least bit interested in social issues. If their candidates win, just as in 2006 if Obama doesn’t listen like Bush didn’t listen and at least compromise, he will be a one term President. It’s pretty simple. Politics isn’t that complicated. You can’t try and marginalize these people by calling them names. At some point, you are going to have to deal with them, like it or not. Had Obama, for example made a deal with Olympia Snowe in the summer of 2009 on the Healthcare bill, he would have avoided all the acrimony and got a much better bill than the final product. Those on the left forced him not to do it in the hopes of getting a “public option.” We know how that turned out. Snowe was in favor of a trigger to a public option. It would have been in place. Now we have nothing. Imagine if there wasn’t a year of debate on the Healthcare bill. Obama’s numbers would be well over 50%. So next Congress, whether the Republicans win the House and/ or Senate-it will be hard not to compromise if anything is to get done.

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