In One Weekend, Tea Party, Neo-Nazis, and ‘Border Activists’ Rally behind Arizona

Neo-NazisThis past weekend, during the same two days that anti-immigrant activists protested in support of Arizona in Farmers Branch, Texas and Tea Party members staged a rally at the border in Arizona, neo-Nazis marched down the streets of Knoxville, Tennessee with a common purpose. The three separate, but related protests, illustrate how the white supremacist movement has latched onto the immigration issue — particularly Arizona’s immigration law, SB-1070. As proponents of SB-1070 insist that their support of the law has nothing to do with race, they can’t deny that for some people it boils down to “white people who are not afraid to stand up,” as one Tennessee rally attendee noted.

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At the neo-Nazi rally in Knoxville, one demonstrator explained the motivations guiding the march: “Federal economic policies are unsustainable. Our country is going broke. Stop giving away our jobs to countries that hate us. Secure our border. Put race and nation first.” The rhetoric in Farmers Branch and Arizona was not remarkably different. In Hereford, AZ, where approximately 400 Tea Party activists gathered yesterday, Tucson radio host proclaimed, “[i]nstead of finding bugs in our beds, we’re finding home invaders.”

Cindy Kolb, “a border activist” who attended the gathering screamed over the border fence, “[w]e don’t like illegals hiding under bushes when our kids wait for the school bus. This border needs to be secure.” The Farmers Branch rally was organized by the Salt Lake City-based Americans Against Immigration Amnesty, which states on its website, “Many of those seeking amnesty refuse to assimilate to our culture or language and refuse to respect our citizens and laws. Rather, they demand we assimilate to them and their culture, teach our children their language and shamelessly fly their country’s flag over ours.”

Watch coverage of this weekend’s Tea Party rally:

Anecdotal evidence from this weekend aside, a recent poll revealed that even many Arizonans think the immigration debate has “exposed a deeper sense of racism in our community.” Meanwhile, the East Valley Tribune reports that “[w]hite supremacist activity is on the rise in Arizona.” Experts note that the immigration debate has always been a recruiting tool for racist groups, even before the passage of SB-1070. However, heightened tensions over the polarizing new law give the groups a leg up. “They become more emboldened every day,” says Bill Straus, Arizona regional director of the Anti-Defamation League.

Straus’ observations are evidenced by the dramatic increase in anti-immigrant hate groups coupled with escalated neo-Nazi anti-immigrant activity both on- and off-line, and the presence of heavily armed neo-Nazis who started patrolling the border in search of undocumented immigrants shortly after SB-1070 was signed into law.

Andrea Christina Nill

Reposted with permission from The Wonk Room.


  1. says

    Becareful what you wish for, which seems to be a race war. The black and latino gangs may and will discover whom the real enemy is and show these cowards what real rage and hatred is like. Watched a program recently where one of these losers was Killed by his abused son. I hope they march thru our predominantly black @ Spanish neighborhood, we could use those sheets.

  2. says

    The tie in between the Tea Party-ers, the American Neo-NAZIS, and other racialists in attacking immigrants,”illegal” or legal, should not be surprising although it was not “bound” to happen. The real tie between the people in these organizations or movements is cowardice. The Klan, the NAZIS (neo or just plain old fashioned NAZIS), and those who hate around immigration are all pitiful because they lack the courage to confront those who really take advantage of them: banks who seize their homes, employers who pay the lowest wage possible, and other exploiters. So, lacking courage to take on those who they fear because they are more powerful they seek out a target composed of folks who have less economic, social and political power: immigrants or “minorities” who may be scapegoated, humiliated, discriminated against, and threatened with physical or political/legal violence. The mob allows these cowards to act as though they have some small bit of courage even as they hide behind the group and use the mass psychology of the group to justify and goad their actions. The old 1920s— 1940s German NAZIS were well aware of this: once they had decided to ostracize and go after those they considered inferior and a disgrace to good German/Aryan culture: Jews, homosexuals, Bolsheviks, socialists, gypsies, Jehovah Witnesses, i.e. “the other” they set about a propaganda campaign of hatred that ended with concentration camps and ovens for the hated “other.” Now our cowardly fellow Americans who have fallen for this trap of hatred want to change our Constitution and Bill of Rights to get rid of natural born Americans whom they refer to as “anchor babies” as well as “illegal aliens.” The progression in hatred is well shown as the target has moved from “illegals” to “anchor” children. If we don’t stop this xenophobic, know nothing racialist movement where will it end? Who will be the next target/s? Will it be progressives, liberals, and “minorities”. Will there be an effort to return to the Good Old Days, the days of Jim Crow, McCarthyism, segregated schools, and lynchings? Perhaps progressives must find a way to enter these movements and begin the task of re-directing it toward a courageous, not cowardly, positive program for America and away from hatred. Organization can and does bring power to the people but without thinking, energetic, democratic values that power may be used to seek anti-democratic ends (Think Prop 8).

    I would suspect that many if not most Tea Party-ers are decent folk who have been pulled onto a dangerous path by the siren song of haters who espouse the easy solution of vilification and rejection of those less fortunate. We as a people must stand up for our Constitution and Bill of Rights lest we become the “good Germans” who did nothing while their nation was lead down the path to hell. It falls to progressives to be the leaders in preserving the Constitution and bringing back from the precipice our sisters and brothers who are being pulled into cowardly, self destructive action by those on the right who would destroy our nation. Are we able to do this? The answer is unclear but if we organize and talk to everyone we know, not just those who agree with us, perhaps we can make the difference.

    • Marshall says

      you suggest the many can be led by the few, I would suggest you give that thought a great deal of attention and focus on from where you come, to me the tea party folks sound a lot more main stream than you.

  3. Luke Easter says

    Arizona Immigration Law & Senators John McCain & Russell Pearce

    The year 2010, it’s April & what do you think is front-page news?
    The 1930’s & 40’s, Hitler’s henchmen check papers of the Jews,
    From Plymouth Rock to modernization Indians are under attack,
    And during that period Blacks in chains were unable to fight back.

    Arizona has passed a sweeping and controversial immigration bill,
    It’s authorizing police to stop suspected illegal immigrants at will,
    Able to check identification and demand proof of their citizenship,
    Most certainly to handcuff, arrest & detain anyone giving them lip.

    Is there a reason for those of Mexican descent to be upset thru panic?
    Well, just ask African slaves who were brought across the Atlantic,
    Oops! It’s been a couple hundred years since they put out that lamp,
    Less than seventy since the likes of Auschwitz Concentration Camps.

    “Racial Profiling, ” I thought there was a national, federal kind of law,
    ‘Hate the Law, Not Arizonans, ‘ but Hispanics didn’t get to vote at all,
    Are they pulled from a box of Cracker Jacks or like a rabbit from a hat?
    The calendar’s supposed to be going forward so why is it going back?

    Hispanics, Jews, Indians, Blacks, take heart because you’re not alone,
    Over 2 thousand year before 2010 Christians were despised in Rome,
    Many were unjustly beaten, falsely accused, you name it & they were,
    Just be thankful there’s no Coliseum & lions or crucifixions to occur.

    McCain calls it Human Trafficking smuggling Mexican’s seeking work,
    That is when women are forced into prostitution then treated like dirt,
    Mexican’s want jobs for a better life and to funnel money back home,
    Kidnapped females are sexually abused everyway, they are all alone.

    Pimps take all the money and leave them with barely enough to eat,
    And the “John’s” have priority some don’t even get a chance to sleep,
    Well, if you call being locked up in dog cages living in human waste,
    Like you Senator as a P.O.W., are you saying those days were great?

    The negative comments are more amazing because you’ve had a taste,
    Eventually you came home as a war hero but what will be their fate?
    Remember, most take jobs that Americans feel are below their pride,
    Companies are indeed hiring them why should they have to run & hide?

    Yes there is the huge problem that I do agree with, the influx of drugs,
    Hey! Stop using them & we won’t have to deal with most cartel thugs,
    However, there is an even bigger problem killing more people I fear,
    Those who drive drunk behind the wheel from liquor, wine and beer.

    Dick’s daughter Liz has started a movement, “Keep America Safe, ”
    Certainly it’s a brilliant patriotic justified cause and idea but wait,
    Cindy owns one of the largest beer distributors in the United States,
    I mean no disrespect to your lovely wife but how can you retaliate?

    Alcohol is even more deadly killing and maiming more by drunks,
    Than illegal drug use so how can you stink and call them skunks?
    As a former marine I am honored by your call to duty & sacrifice,
    But you and no one alive should deny any minority a better life.

    Get rid of the Indians, soldiers and prospectors would just shoot to kill,
    Now for Mexicans there’s civilized, ‘Law & Order’ they simply pass a bill,
    2010 State Senator Russell Pearce quotes Jude 3, ‘contend for the faith, ‘
    No Russ, it’s not what that means and you’re several hundred years to late.

    Jude is writing in regard to common salvation handed down to the saints,
    To impel and contend for the sum of Christian belief through Godly faith,
    It does not exclude anything not American and if that is what you heard,
    Then you need to petition legally change to your name to King George III.

    Finally, as for illegal Mexicans whom are border smuggling for drugs,
    Most immigrants are looking for employment they’re not cartel thugs,
    So for those who are exporting cocaine & marijuana in the U.S. to sell,
    Did you stop to think drugs could not be sold if there was no clientele?

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