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Even during the best of economic times, it’s not easy being an entrepreneur. There are always problems and issues to deal with. There are several restless nights, plans that don't work out, financing that doesn't come through and clients that never emerge. It tends to be so challenging to launch a business that it might make you wonder why anybody eagerly sets out on such a path.

David Phan

Despite all these hardships, every year, a large number of entrepreneurs set out on this excursion resolved to bring their vision to fruition and fill a need they see in society. They open brick-and-mortar organizations, launch new products or services in the market or start new companies.

However, a business cannot be successful if its customers aren’t aware of it. Keeping an eye on the details like strong digital presence, conceptualizing a brand strategy and connecting with the audience contributes a lot to gauge success. Blending every such aspect of a business, David Phan has built unbreakable credibility and made his company, Phaners, a trusted source for Digital Marketing.

Lanofie - A fitness and lifestyle store

Nestled in Toronto, Canada, Lanofie provides premium quality athleisure wear and sporting goods, ensuring trust with every product.

At 20, David Phan was looking for options to embark on a career. After seeing the passion project with his friends grow, he developed an obsession to see businesses like these grow. That's when he launched Lanofie, a Shopify fitness and lifestyle store. Nestled in Toronto, Canada, Lanofie provides premium quality athleisure wear and sporting goods, ensuring trust with every product. Lanofie, as a brand, visualizes going beyond boundaries to achieve the impossible. They're on a mission to help people to perform better, think faster, and live better by using tech, ancient knowledge, research and science. Lanofie is environmentally conscious, and each order of Lanofie contributes to the welfare of Frontline workers.

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The journey from Lanofie to Phaners

While he was working on Lanofie and saw his friends' businesses grow, David slowly started developing it into an obsession. He looked for multiple ways to scale different businesses and gain great returns on their marketing strategies. That's when he discovered digital marketing and its untapped potential. Envisioning how Digital Marketing will be in high demand in the coming future, David started self-teaching himself on the nuances of Digital Marketing through Youtube and Books, to get a 360-degree hang of the subject. Later on, at the age of 23, he blended his passion for entrepreneurship and his keen skills in digital marketing to create Phaners, one of the fastest-growing digital marketing companies in the world.

Launching an agency wasn't enough. To show its clients the best returns on investing in Digital Marketing, the agency should list itself on the top. In a scenario where internet penetration had only reached 15-20%, inspiring companies to integrate traditional marketing campaigns with Digital Marketing was not easy. He emphasized on significant online presence, being active on social media combined with a well-planned and coordinated PR strategy. By the time his company, Phaners was in talks, David Phan had already assisted businesses to generate over 400% revenue with digital marketing. Phaners enhanced its customer retention/success rate to a 95% high combined with ethical reasoning. The dedication in his business with unmatched customer satisfaction led to amazing results. From creating a strong online presence to enticing investors into the business, David made Phaners solidify its entire foundation. The mantra generated from the high demand agency became "GET EXPOSURE. GET RESULTS" with guaranteed results.

Standing out from the competition, Phaners, from a small digital marketing agency, grew into a nationally recognized firm. Their innovative results in the realm of building a strong online presence, traffic driving strategies, and strategies for increasing conversions and revenue made Phaners into Toronto's fastest-developing agencies.