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Eyeglasses Manufacturing

The past year has been so catastrophic that it’s easy to forget what the biggest threat to life is. Climate change is not stopping, even if quarantine gave nature a break. In some places, the damage to the environment is getting worse. Which is why it is imperative that we keep doing what we can to live sustainably.

The fashion industry has increasingly become a cause of climate damage. Fast fashion has thrown sustainability out the window for the sake of cheap clothing. The good news is that there are brands out there stemming the tide by focusing on sustainability.

This focus on sustainability is important in the eyewear world as well. When you buy a new pair of glasses, it is crucial to find out where they are coming from. Have the materials been sustainably sourced?

There are a number of ways in which eyewear brands are creating eco-friendly blue light glasses, which do not harm the environment

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There are a number of ways in which eyewear brands are creating eco-friendly blue light glasses, which do not harm the environment while providing the care your eyes need. Here are some of the sustainability measures being taken.

Recycled Materials

Many glasses manufacturers are now using recycled materials to create their frames. This allows them to avoid creating future waste, while ensuring that old materials don’t end up in a dump. You can get amazing progressive glasses made with recycled materials. Eco-friendly blue light glasses made from recycled materials also keep you healthy, as your circadian rhythm stays in tune in spite of night-time smartphone usage.

Upcycled Materials

Glasses manufacturers are starting to use upcycled materials instead of creating their frames from scratch. Upcycling is different from recycling, in that it does not involve the destruction and reconstruction of old materials. Rather, materials are fashioned anew into creative frames that draw on the idea of thrift chic. Upcycled glasses look entirely unique, and wearers stand out without having to spend hundreds of dollars per pair.

Sustainable Materials

It is not practical for all brands to make eco-friendly glasses from old materials. It is also not strictly necessary. There are plenty of sustainable materials from which attractive glasses can be made. These include wood, cork, hemp, and plant-based plastic. When you're done with a pair, they are not going to end up in a dump where they won’t degrade for thousands of years. At the same time, they look incredible and fashion forward.

Long-lasting Waste

Certain plastic waste lasts far longer, causing much greater harm to the environment. This includes, for example, fishing nets, which make up a massive proportion of waste in the ocean. However, their long-lasting nature makes them the perfect material for eco-friendly blue light glasses with a long life. They’re not going to be the last pair you buy, as you will want to get new glasses over time with different prescriptions and different aesthetics, but you will get to keep them as a fashionable alternative.

Sustainability is crucial in the fashion industry. This extends to eyewear, which should be made from recycled or sustainable materials. Ask your glasses providers where they source their materials before you buy from them.