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Game of Cricket

In the past few decades sports and Cricket in specific, have earned great respect and honour from those who play it and those who watch it. The viewers and lovers of sports have multiplied rapidly. The craze has grown unexpectedly to a level that people have started to learn the theory, history, current news, and everything in detail.

So, here are a few of the things that are basic yet less known by the people. Few of these you might already know, few you will know, now. But all these are must to know.

1.What is a Free Hit?

A Free hit is a chance that is given to a Batsman in few ruled situations. In this chance, as the name itself suggests, a batsman is allowed to hit the ball freely. This is valid in T20 matches or one-day international matches. There are specific rules to award a free hit delivery to the batsman in fantasy cricket.

  • If the bowler bowls front foot no-ball
  • If the bowler bowls a full toss.
  • If the bowler oversteps
  • If the bowler's foot does not touch back to the crease line

2. What is Mankading?

Mankading is a method in Cricket. It is a type of runout. Before a bowler throws a ball, the runner standing at the non-striking end runs out of the crease line. In this case, a bowler can hit the ball to the wicket and run out the runner immediately.

Look out for more ever changing rules due to Covid-19 pandemic here!

3.Modes of Dismissal.

When a Batsman's charge of batting is brought to an end by the bowling team or the bowling team’s bowler, this can occur for many reasons. Some of the self-evident and common reasons can be when the batsman is declared out when the bowler team manages to earn the wicket in fantasy cricket league. Also, Runout, leg before wicket, stumped, or caught are few of the other methods.

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4. What is LBW?

The full form of LBW in cricket is 'Leg Before Wicket'. This is one of many ways to announce Dismissal in Cricket. This rule was made to prevent the batsman from using any part of their body while playing the match, except for the batsman's hand carrying the bat.

5.The New Concussion Rule.

This is a replacement rule added as an addition in cricket rules. This recent new rule permits any team's injured player, who got hit on his helmet, to have a substitute who can do batting or balling on his behalf.

6.What is Powerplay?

A fielding restriction is given the name of Powerplay in Cricket. It is seen in the limited-overs game. This means to restrict the placement of team fielders. This powerplay rule is valid in a T20 match and one-day international cricket match. However, the rule for Powerplay differs in both these cricket matches.

7.Formats of Cricket?

Three different formats of Cricket:

  • Test Match: This lets the players stretch their abilities to a higher level and excel successfully. This checks up with the physical as well as the mental strength of a player.
  • One day International: This holds a single day cricket match with limited overs.
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  • T20 International: This is introduced recently. This is the latest and most approved format of cricket.