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A great business model is truly nothing without the right brand and marketing behind it. Creating a logo and aesthetic that engages with your target audience is absolutely crucial to your hopes of turning a great idea or effective product into something that will make you money.

Nothing without Brand

In this article, we will consider the strategies and tactics used by businesses to make their products more appealing. Often, there is very little between products in a particular marketplace, and it’s the brand and marketing that gives a business the edge over its competitors.


The first thing you often consider when thinking about brand and marketing is bold, bright and eye-catching logos, with bold slogans and loud marketing campaigns.

The first thing you often consider when thinking about brand and marketing is bold, bright and eye-catching logos, with bold slogans and loud marketing campaigns. But often the opposite strategy is utilized. You might consider using a Logo Maker Tool.

There are several brands who have become masters of this tactic, including Apple, who have traditionally marketed their line of computers, tablets and phones in an understated yet human way.

The brand itself is a simple grey apple, with a bite out of it, and it is recognizable the world over. Wider branding is equally simple, with products often packaged in plain white boxes that feature the logo and little else.

In more recent years, Apple has upped the ante with colorful, musical adverts to market its latest iPhone handsets, but the underlying philosophy of ‘less is more’ remains the same. Commercials aren’t filled with information and tech spec. Instead they focus on the lifestyle aesthetic of the product.

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Many businesses seek to build brands that convey feelings of luxury and decadence, and they achieve this through the language they use, and their color and font selection. Blacks, whites and golds are often used, while classic serif fonts help engage with a more discerning audience.

Well-executed, businesses can present themselves as being high-end, helping them elevate the value of a product. Of course, the quality of what you are selling counts for a lot, but without the right presentation you may not even get it into people’s hands. Fortunately, the internet is full of inspiration, with many start-ups adopting this theme to kick-start their concept.

Historical inspiration

Many businesses build their brand around a broader theme, with historical figures often featuring in logos and slogans. Roman general Julius Caesar is one prominent example, with his likeness and name borrowed for branding and marketing across numerous industries.

Little Caesars is one of America’s most popular pizza takeaways, while Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is recognized as one of the world’s most decadent casinos. So iconic is the name and venue that online platforms also utilizing the brand in their marketing, with Pala Casino challenging players to join the emperor at Caesar's casino.

Egyptian imagery is also utilized heavily in the gambling industry, helping to convey themes of luxury, while Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley are two more recent names to feature commonly in branding, although businesses must tread carefully to avoid running into copyright issues.

Whatever your target audience, and however big your ambitions, the right logo, brand and marketing are vital to helping your product resonate with the right audience. The right brand can elevate your business’ and help you transcend demographics.

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Nicky Petersen

Nicky Peterson is a freelance writer based in New Zealand. She has been involved in numerous editorial projects over the years and currently blogging around the entertainment, business, and finance industries.