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Robot Vacuum

Tips On How To Buy The Best Robot Vacuum For Your Home Cleaning Needs

Homeowners can't get enough of robot vacuums, and we can't blame them! Vacuuming is a household chore that almost all of us detest. It's not as tedious as dusting or as icky as cleaning your bathroom. Still, just the thought of dragging and pushing your loud and heavy upright vacuum around is enough to tire you.

Fortunately, you don't have to go through this torture anymore with the help of a robot vacuum. These little cleaning machines can do the dirty work for you. What's more, robovacs are convenient and will require almost no physical effort on your part. You can even control your unit using the remote control or via a smartphone app. Some more advanced models are also programmable, which means they can clean your space even when you're on vacation.

But with so many available options on the market, how do you know which one to buy? Put your worries aside. This article will provide you with all the information you need to know to help you find the right robot vacuum for your needs.

Why Do I Need To Vacuum Regularly?

You may be wondering why your space needs regular vacuuming, and why with a robotic vacuum.

Cleaning your home consumes both your time and energy. Thankfully, innovative gadgets like the robot vacuum can make the entire process easier and more efficient.

There are many reasons why you need to vacuum, and aesthetics is on top of that list. Whatever type of flooring you have, regular vacuuming can help improve its appearance. On top of that, it can increase your home's air quality significantly as well as presents numerous health benefits.

Furthermore, vacuuming can also prolong the lifespan of your carpet. It can get rid of trapped particles hidden deep within your carpet, which can scrape the fibers and damage your floors over time.

So how often do you need to vacuum? According to experts, you need to vacuum your home two to three times per week if you have pets or if there's a lot of traffic. If not, once a week is enough. Hence, you may want to consider investing in a robovac to make your life easier.

Robot Vacuum

How Does A Robot Vacuum Operate?

A robot vacuum comes with sensors, cameras, and lasers. These tools help the robot make its way from room to room sucking up dirt, particles, and pet hairs into its built-in dustbin. And the great thing about it is that they don’t really require any setup. Likewise, it can handle various types of hard floors including tiles, laminate, and hardwood, as well as area rugs and low pile carpets.

You can also find high-end models that can map out and learn the rooms of your house. This means that you can set your unit to take care of specific rooms or only one area. Nonetheless, cheaper robots feature boundary strips, ensuring that they stay where they should be. Even cheaper robots have sensors that detect stairs to keep them from tumbling down.

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All robots can return to their charging stations automatically to recharge. But some can pause in the middle of the job when low in power to recharge and then resume from where they left off. Moreover, there are plenty of robovacs that come with an app where you can schedule its cleaning sessions. You can even sync some with Google Assistant and Alexa to provide you with hands-free cleaning experience.

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Robot Vacuum

  • Size of your home. Robot vacuums are little devices that will not take up a lot of storage space. They are ideal for apartments and small homes. But if you have a larger home, look for a unit with a long battery and bigger dustbin.
  • Type of your floor. Some robots work well with hardwood floors while some are suitable for carpets or both. If your house is carpeted, opt for a robovac that can deep-clean and features a HEPA filter. Go for a model with a mopping feature if you don't have a carpet.
  • Do you have children? As much as we love them, our kids tend to create a lot of mess. So choose a deep-cleaning robotic vacuum that enables you to map out a no-go zone. This is an area where you don't want your robot to navigate.
  • There are plenty of robot vacuum cleaners designed to handle pet those annoying pet dander and hair. They come with superb navigation, powerful suction, and special brushes to ensure your floorings are fresh, clean, and pet-friendly.
  • All these conveniences are not cheap. The price tag of a robot will mainly depend on its features and can range from $100 to $1,000 or more.
  • Roobovacs come with a plethora of attractive features, especially those on the higher range. You can find robots with self-emptying dustbins, remote control, and even WiFi connectivity. But make sure to be practical and pick a robot with only the features that you truly need. Keep in mind that the more features a robovac has, the higher its price tag will be.
Robot Vacuum

Essential Robotic Vacuum Features To Look Out For

  • Battery life. The majority of robotic vacuums have a charging dock where they'll return to automatically when their battery is low. However, some affordable units require manual plugging. This means that you may see yourself coming home to a living room that's only half-cleaned, which can be a hassle. Additionally, charging and run time will vary from model to model, so make sure to compare how long your choices will take to recharge.
  • Robot vacuums come with sensors to help them move around your space. These also prevent them from crashing on furniture or stumbling down your stairs. Basic models utilize infrared sensors to detect edges or obstacles along the way and change direction. Meanwhile, more sophisticated robots combine sensors with cameras, virtual walls, or laser scanners to accurately map your home. Some even have dirt sensors to ensure thorough cleaning.
  • Dustbin capacity. Fancy features won't matter if the dustbin capacity of your device is not decent. These robots don't hold as much filth as your conventional vacuum, so choose one with more substantial capacity so that you don't have to clear its canister too often.
  • Cleaning modes. Essentially, the higher the price point, the more cleaning mode options you'll have. Robovacs with an auto mode is rather handy since you can set it up to automatically vacuum until its battery runs out. On the other hand, spot clean mode allows you to set your unit to concentrate on certain areas.

Can Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Replace A Standard Vacuum?

No doubt, robovacs are an invaluable and effective cleaning gadget for your humble abode. Unfortunately, even the higher-end robot vacuums don’t match the best uprights and canisters. For now, they are not made to replace traditional vacuums. Nevertheless, they are great for quick cleanups and touch ups. But if you want to deep-clean your house, you still need to take out your upright vac from time to time.