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The Best Shoe Cleaner

Most people will agree that there is no better feeling than having a clean pair of sneakers, but what happens when your favorite pair of shoes endure its normal wear and tear and doesn’t feel as special anymore? Swipz Shoe Cleaner, created by CEO Nick Gold, has helped thousands of people all over the world restore that exciting feeling of having a clean pair of shoes to stride through the day in. Launched in 2021 from a passion for footwear, Nick Gold created Swipz so that people could have a solution to maintaining that fresh look whether it’s on the go or at home. Conveniently folded and packaged inside individual small wrappers, Swipz is a 2 sided, pre-moistened, and dual-textured cleaning cloth that with one side can remove scuffs and marks and with the other scrub away dirt with its rugged texture and premixed cleaning agent. Once complete and clean, toss away the used wipe with ease and you’re all set.

The Best Shoe Cleaner

Dedication along with a product designed to prove itself through results, allowed Swipz to successfully establish itself on the Amazon platform, acquiring the ability to help tons of new customers daily across the globe. Reviews on Amazon rave about the ease of use and how such a small product packs a massive punch in terms of effectiveness. What's most impressive about the Swipz community is how blanketed their primary consumers are. Of all ages and demographics, ranging from athletes, parents, fashion enthusiasts, and sneakerheads, each loves the product just as equally.

Swipz’s simple solution to cleaning footwear sets them apart from many other shoe cleaning applications given its portability, easy-to-use design, and readiness to help you in almost any environment. This has proved to be extremely valuable for consumers that in the past may have had to use a bottle, can, or scrub brush to achieve similar results. With Swipz, it’s just a quick tear away from having clean shoes all day. The compact packaging is perfect for all occasions. Whether you're running around the city, cleaning kids' shoes following a playdate or park visit, or even after walking the dog. Swipz has you covered. Even hobbyists and professional sneaker collectors love and trust Swipz to keep their rare sneakers fresh. To follow Swipz and their rapid growth spreading globally, be sure to follow their Instagram at @swipzwipes. Also, to view more of the Swipz product line-up visit

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