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  1. The response to this is breathtakingly simple.

    All we need to do to actually understand this issue is to offer those captured in battle the opportunity to go to Gitmo… be turned over to the Israelies, or to interrogators from Iraq and Afghanistan, working for the US.

    When they all choose Gitmo, you may understand.

    And anyone that thinks there is no such thing is “a little torture” is simply out of touch… of course there is… and is simple to demonstrate with only a rope, a feather, and a blowtorch. Any honest person would choose to be tied up and tickled with a feather… before being tied and had a torch turned on to them.

    No clearer demonstration is needed.

    That so much effort is made to construct contorted cases against the United States (that are instantly and easily shown to be ridiculous), is telling. That it is done on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is also telling. There are some people that simply hate the US… irrationally, and display that hate in irrational ways, in the most irreverent ways.

    Distasteful doesn’t quite cover it.

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