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Fire Rooster

Hello Year of the Fire Rooster, Out with the Monkey Year—Paul Haeder

The Age of Forgetting, Misplacing, Misshaping – Too Little Thinking/History, Too Much Consuming

“This is the 21st century and we need to redefine r/evolution. this planet needs a people’s r/evolution. a humanist r/evolution. r/evolution is not about bloodshed or about going to the mountains and fighting. we will fight if we are forced to but the fundamental goal of r/evolution must be peace.” – Assata Shakur

Erasing or teasing out or just plain forcing facts-philosophies-common principles into a corner. Scrubbing, or censoring, watch-lists, un-American activities snoops, J. Edgar Hoover, Roy Cohen, FBI, NSA, CIA, Google, IRS, Homeland Security, TSA, HR directors, Admin/Deanlet Class, Ashcroft, Cheney, Trump, Judges/Prosecutors/Civil/Tort/Forced Arbitration, US Patriot Act, Bill Gates, IT Turks, Hearings Officers, Diversity Boards, Protest Zones, Loyalty Oaths, Wealth Worship, Gain without Work.

There is a madness now, highlighted by the failure of both parties, both the Queen of Chaos and Herr Drumpf, this FBP, first black president, the East Coast Elites, the Fly-over States of Deplorables or Not, all these pundits on all sides of the political spectrum/full-spectrum warring national consciousness coming up with as many armchair quarterbacking make-believe plays that we are a nation of ascribers and fitting facts into the round hole of the square peg; one nation under god of listening fools who eat up faux news, faux leaders, faux heroes, flowing out of confusing educations, brightly and commonly anti-intellectualismists, or on the flip side, cloistered intellectuals, MIC (military industrial complex) the common glue of US of Israel.

This tsunami of ignorance, hyper-patriotism, hyper-neoliberalism, hyper-intellectual pacifism, well, it’s been going on for a long, long time.

But this tsunami of ignorance, hyper-patriotism, hyper-neoliberalism, hyper-intellectual pacifism, well, it’s been going on for a long, long time. Wobblies – the worker, really – versus Ford and Carnegie and robber barons and the entire “white” invaders in banking, munitions, madness, their eugenics hell, inside and out, a tribute to this land of the original invasion of rape, theft, pillage, slash, burn, destroy.

We shall see what this lunar new year will bring to the collective soul of humanity, year of the cock, out with the staccato simian-crazed monkey, ancestors, sure, those tree living, dung throwing crazy howling mammals, who share 97 percent of their DNA with Homo Erectus/Homo Consumopithecus! –

I am alert
Ready to take action
The first on the scene
The last to leave
I take chances
But I am precise
I know where things belong
I am orderly and fastidious
Nothing escapes me
I am always prepared
I never give up or in

Sun-Zi advises one to “achieve psychological advantage over the adversary and use force only as a last resort.” This epitomizes the year of the fire rooster, or Phoenix, if you will. To take all our fears and remake ourselves, that is the charge for 2017 if you believe the poetic and astrological nuances of the zodiac readers.

The outgoing year of the Monkey, well, we will be paying for years and years to come, Monkey 2016, a year of complete confusion and flagellation and disharmony. The year of the Monkey was about schizophrenia in people who wield power only through money, bombs, and slavery – i. e. businesses that hide money offshore, throw labor into a big mixer, extract resources and lives and cultures for amassing of great pots of money. The Monkey is schizophrenia Israel, schizoid Democratic Party, schizoid Hollywood and Big Media, schizoid Trump and his contingent of Deplorables, the schizoid of the alt-right, of Labor Exploitation, schizoid of the police brutality and assassination, the schizoid of renditions, assassinations, drones, total surveillance, the schizoid of consumerism and global contamination of American ideology.

Think of the undisciplined pugilism of the Year of the Monkey – climate disruption clearer than any time in our history, and the powers and despicable ones clamoring around bonfires of their own stupidity. Think of the teachable and revolutionary moment with water protectors emblematic of the billions of people barely surviving on mother earth and the millions who die each year because of the pollution and body-soul-resource theft.

What did those monkeys in the halls of justice, in the chambers of political hell do? What sort of monkey business did we see in the stupidity of Clinton-Trump-Sanders, the sick money prostitution of the powers in Media? What sort of monkey shit was thrown at us with governor criminals and the lot of them seeding the water of children, the elderly, parents and people with lead? Teachable moment, as this administration of monkeys – all those neoliberals, all those lying, cheating, self-important, pompous democrats doing their own chaos of consumerism and crocodile tears while the felonies are committed against the poor.

The monkey, shameless, crass, running wild in the china shop, jumping, humping, buggering the world with nastiness. These CEOs with $25 million cold cash saying adios, hasta la vista, Wells Fargo, or the other work of monkey madness in the Pharma-Felony squad, pulling in a cool $26 million yearly as the Epi-pen costs more than most people’s yearly phone bill.

Monkeys killing Blacks, and the monkey prosecutors with erections for the structural death penalty of the white supremacy sort. Monkey Year, the Trump accused by dozens of women, assault, demeaning as monkeys do, the the press silent, like a troop of compliant baboon monkeys bowing and spreading legs to the alpha elite monkeys – plenty of bling and stocks and fancy homes and TV spots, but empty headed like the Year of the Monkey!

We see the craven results of having monkey generals and monkey diplomats and monkey dictators run the dialogue, the narrative, as the monkey media pulls cash hand over hand for their own monkey business of info-tainment and shouting-screaming faux news.

Think of the monkey madness of a Bernie, old like the rest of them, yammering and chattering like a demented rhesus, goes into a “battle” with the caveat he will really not fight against his aging female ally, that she, Clinton Chaos, will be the chosen one in this three-way monkey race that showed the world how crazy the United States of America really is, monkey year or not.

Crisis after crisis, Year of the Monkey, transitioning into opportunities, strategic opportunities. The Chinese symbol for crisis are two – danger plus opportunity. As we get into the Year of The Rooster, 2017. Opportunity to change, or begin the change.

The year 2017 has the potential of finding people ready to be strategic planners, to make off with a long-range view of the world, as the Sun is the center of the rooster’s life, the Phoenix-Fire Dragon the center of reorganization, regeneration, rebirth and reincarnation. The deep running principles of justice and communitarianism might be the under-girder of a new platform from which to plan out of the chaos of the frenetic Trump-landistas, that rabid spider monkey year of insanity, non-thought provoking green monkeys bouncing off walls like the very embodiment of Trump and his Family, like Israel and its Family of American anti-Democracy macaws doing enormous damage with the monkey meddling we have witnessed in the past 12 months.

2016 fire rooster politics

Year of the Monkey, sayonara. Monkeys sticking spindly fingers into the electric sockets of humanity – the supremacists, the Isis monkeys, the George Soros monkeys, the military industrialist monkeys sucking the hope from humanity – food, shelter, education, medicine, sacrificed by the monkey business of the chosen Point-Zero-Zero-One-Percent.

The monkey rapists and monkeying around malicious money movers, all those inside jobs, mountains of cash and oceans of debt, the entire formula of human kind flipped around, as the marketing of the meaningless mush we have decided we have to purchase with the last soul-breath inside us defines our age.

Well, is it that far-fetched to wax poetic around Chinese Zodiac and Lunar New Years, when, well, what is the option now? The Internet of Things. Materialistic Thought? Empirical Evidence? Entire swaths of scientists and subject matter experts clamoring to preserve knowledge banks, to put those servers and web sites and the collective knowledge/data bases of climate change, anything, really, into safe repositories. Solar flares and entire billions of us four meals away from starvation.

Here, Brewster Kahle: The Wayback Machine operates by crawling the World Wide Web, and, actually, with many, many partners, crawling the World Wide Web, and adding those into the Internet Archive’s collections. And those collections become something that, from, you can type in a URL or search to go and find a website to be able to then see the web as it was and surf the web as it was. You could see President-elect Trump’s 2008 and 2012 election websites or Hillary Clinton’s old Senate websites. So these websites are now available again as they were. But they’re just pictures of webpages, so they’re not the services behind it. They’re not the databases that climate scientists need, that are currently being used, of NOAA, NASA’s data sets, that have services on them. We would love to go and make it so that we’re not taking snapshots of websites, but whole web services get archived such that they can be used as they were in 2016. So we’re calling out to federal website masters, webmasters, to go and work with us to archive the whole working systems themselves in snapshot form.

I understand the erasing of content on the internet, or the vanishing of words, since I had my own column space with the Spokesman Review, on a blog site called, Down to Earth Northwest. Two years, 2009 – 2011. I was prolific, covering a more radical approach to sustainability – real urban redesign, organic/revolutionary energy and design, food and design, transportation and design, work and urban design, education and design. Daily, almost, and interviews and perspectives and really real-time and raw and many times cogent and unique analyses of things in Spokane, by taking that mid-sized town and putting all perspectives to a global-universal-35,000 foot high filter.

So, on the internet, my special column space vanished, because the newspaper didn’t find the content part of its overall archiving strategy, or couldn’t hire on people to keep my work historical significant by hosting it on a server.

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This is true of so many things I’ve written, and I suppose I could reconstruct thousands of articles and commentaries and stories and poems and analyses and opinion pieces, throw them up on a web site, but in the end, given the scrubbing of words and censoring and just plain lack of proactivity, what is most probably even more death rattling is the lack of interest in words of old – everything 24 hours old is irrelevant, and what perspectives could say, 2008 or 2015 writings have, that would be minutely pertinent to now, this very Facebook, Twitter, Snap-chat, Private Feed NOW?

Here is just one of the styles I actually got away with in Spokane, for a conservative newspaper (which ones are not conservative, really?).

I wrote in real time with the aid of Marc Gauthier, who did a film, Gulf Coast Blues: Oil in Our Veins my own column, Dispatches from a Disaster. Imagine, a hippie sort of guy, Marc, heading to New Orleans during the British Petroleum Deep Horizon crime, on his own dime, from the Pacific Inland Northwest, and putting together this fabulous film of his own dive into attempting to be one guy helping out for one giant fucking felony mess by the state of Louisiana, the US government, the British Petroleum thugs, and Big Oil in general.

As I wrote this piece, talking with Marc while he was on the road down with his kayak strapped to a car, and then in the Gulf Coast, and then on his way back and then in the studio in Spokane putting together his documentary, I knew then the Internet and Independent and One-Man/Woman things are so much more important than the same same stuff coming out of Independent filmmakers’ heads once they shoot for style over raw substance, slick editing over imaginative storytelling.

Gulf Coast Blues and my take!

Insanity or agnotology – falsely planted stuff to take the attention off the real stuff. Erasing of entire bits and pieces and tomes of knowledge/histories/cultures. We see how cultural survival is so hitched to saving languages and customs, arts and rituals, but in this Brave New World/Ministry of Un-Truth, the cultureless culture of entertaining ourselves into ignorance, we are pushing the last vestigial brain cells into the shit box that is modern-post modern-digital duncery.

Each flip-scroll-peg of the screen, each nanosecond of eye time on the 15-square inch glowing LED, well, the space for critical thinking, critical debate, spiritual and expository rhetoric in our collective noggin is squeezed further and further into a crystallized, desiccated thought pattern of a nation bonded together through collective stupidity, collective consumerism.

This is not some throwing of the Greek Fire willy-nilly at the Walmart crowd, our Hooters sisters and brothers, all embracing truck stop ethicists, big ass grill-TV-garage families. That’s pot-shot logic, and while these leftists and pacifists and right wingers decry some of us who actually know how many deplorables there are in the USA, how many are women hating (even the deplorable women hate women) voters cast their votes for Trump not because they think or care to attempt to make America great again, some of us are way beyond the ameliorating masses on both sides of critical debate coming up with some fancy formula or algorithms trying to make sense of those who voted for Trump versus those who decided to not cast a vote, versus those who voted for Hillary versus those who decided to no cast a vote.

First, I know very well Central-fly-over America, know fracking Dakotas, know the Southwest, some of the Dixie East, and from Sea to Shining Sea California. There are deplorables – people with a real hate for me, for journalists and justice, for those who would hate us who doubt the faux five hundred years of American lies, who would dare say the military are mercenaries, propped up by the MIC, to include every high tech shit hole company in the world putting together guidance systems and software systems and hardware devices and satellite communication networks, for the ultimate price of selling oneself – selling the Ayn Rand/libertarian self – to the devil.

I hear more and more young people failing to act up or act out, to become the ruckus of our era, because they believe they are mere cogs in the machine, with zero or even negative agency or power to make small sacrifices or small changes. Retreating into a world of urban tribes, urban families, holding the madness of Capitalism (was always insane from day one) at bay with this idea of going inside, circling the proverbial wagons with significant others, family, small circle of friends.

Coursing through the turnstile of popular culture, popular Facebook, popular media, popular food/entertainment/info-tainment, these young and certainly those bourgeois middlings in the 20 percent upper end of economic theft class are satiated by the play, the sports, the celebrity culture, the madness of har-har-haring them all on Comedy Central or Saturday Night Live: these demons and devils like Trump-Ryan-Three Dozen Governors-Members of the Four Dozen-plus-Two State Houses, Clintons-Bushes-Obamas-Pences-Pelosis, actors-musicians-IT gurus-TED Talks celebrities.

Nihilism and agnotology and cynicism and sarcasm and exceptionalism and self-loathing and self-medicating and narcissism and pacification/machismo/feminizing/un-gendering/retro-nostaligia and technical thinking a la consumerism-sports stats-movie/music/celebrity trivia.

We live in an age of both radical ignorance and radical self-promotion of the trivial navel lint sort of self absorption. And it’s been abundantly clear to me after 35 years teaching college classes and in the high schools/prisons/alternative programs/military installations the art of critical thinking, expository writing and literate analysis that the false dichotomies of the marketers, from way before the tobacco industry deployed their campaigns of doubt and black and white arguments (i.e this group of scientists say in moderation, tobacco inhalation has not corollary to cancer, ill health), have created a society of naysayers, opinion gluttons, everyone is right and everything printed is wrong.

Then, we come to the point where politics don’t count, where Americans think nothing will change, or you can’t fight city hall, or, true revolution is a scam, or, nothing goes better with Coke than pure industrial strength Capitalism, and add another heaping tablespoon of sugar with that drink would you.

Messed with mentalities, America is now, with everyone, almost everyone, so DNA-wrapped in the popular dark arts of marketing lies, how the world revolves around the next sequel and where history has now been overtaken by made up prequels. Daily, conversations rest on recriminations, on a libertarianism, a la Amazon Bezos Fulfillment Center Style – the new god since before Smith Colony – is money, the white lord of darkness, shekels and greenbacks, bullion, endless caches of silver or scalps, it only matters now that people see all things filtered through the Mass Lobotomizing Media as tied to paying-accumulating-

Daily, hourly, I see my fellow social workers retreating into their churches, into their social circles, their house projects, their superficial thinking and romanticized version of their own lives, thanks to go, thank you very much. It’s as if I am more than a dinosaur, more than an aberration, more than a Marxist mosquito, more than old-wise-persistent-Gila monster biting dude.

Ursula K. Le Guin, accepting the National Book Award award, 2014:

We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings.

I think hard times are coming. We will need writers who can remember freedom. Poets, visionaries, the realists of a larger reality.

We need writers who know the difference between the production of a commodity and the practice of an art.

I’ve had a good career. Here at the end of it, I really don’t want to watch American literature get sold down the river.

Here, Robert Fisk, journalist par excellence:.

Today we don’t need rallies or newsreels because we have the internet and social media, the addiction of our age. It is a dependency on a drug which under the infamous “diversity of perspectives” presents morality and immorality as part of a landscape that spreads out flat to the horizon. Even we humble reporters can see what is happening. To an extent never witnessed before, a lot of people have started believing things that aren’t true. And it is acceptable to do this. And we help them.

Today, you can not only deny history – the Armenian and Jewish Holocausts, Anne Frank’s diary, the gas chambers of Auschwitz – you can also tell fibs, big or small, about almost anything which annoys you. The Middle East, with our journalistic help, is deep in the same false world. Every dictator is now fighting “terrorism” – along with the US, NATO, the EU, Russia, Hezbollah, Iran, the entire Arab Gulf (minus Yemen, for rather embarrassing reasons), China, Japan, Australia and – who knows? – Greenland as well.

war criminals

Paul Haeder