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ava duvernay 13th

There ain't no inauguration blues for anyone voting their conscience

The homeless and the broken lives, the structural and inter-generational poverty, and the amassing of wealth by the few, and the excesses, the Hooters and Cardiac Cheeseburger mentality, You Tube Look at this Perversion Zuckerberg world of constant clicks and scrolls and feeds, the Warped President after President, until we are a chicken wings ignorant society run by bankers, real thieves; run by military, real pencil pushers and drone flyer wimps, and we wonder why there is a hip-hop ailing inside, why there is no voice, why the strong are turned into paupers and street runners, why there is a drug war, legalized lobotomizing, the booze and bullets, the unending talentless Every Elite’s Dream to make money hand over fist producing the plastic of our collective futures.

There are no bones about whether there are killer lovers, racists, deplorables, pre-Clinton, Trumpettes, the entire ReBirth of a Nation of Stars and Bars, the Confederate Flag of racism still alive in every police department and sheriff’s office, NYC or NOL or SFPD or LAPD.

As we see in Rolling Stone Matt Taibbi’s book, ‘Insane Clown President,” the elite, the reporters not so elite, just do not have the mettle to meet the hard scrabble lives of conservatives who are poor, the hyper religious, those retrogrades who hate women and LGBTQ, hate teachers, hate anything that is the nanny state. It’s not easy talking to these people, but I like it, I enjoy crushing their sun revolving around the earth logic on why this country is failing under the FBP, first president who is black, and is thriving under the continuous mentally maligned conservative or capitalist presidents like Reagan, Bush to the Second Power, Trump, now.

All presidents are abominations, and they are untrained, believe you me, and they do and say things that are murderous, malicious, plain dumb. Each president’s run up to this big sea catch, POTUS, is embarrassing.

The media have a lot to do with how bad they are. The media fakes their fake balance and fairness crap, but in the end, they are afraid of money, military might and these blacklisters in the hyper Zio-Christian mold.

Listen to the LACK of complete OUTRAGE these Yahoos in congress and the senate demonstrate – all these hearings, all of it, one giant lying game, gaming the system, pork barrel. Play nice with these people, no matter what.

Listen to the LACK of complete OUTRAGE these Yahoos in congress and the senate demonstrate – all these hearings, all of it, one giant lying game, gaming the system, pork barrel. Play nice with these people, no matter what.

Democrats are the worse with this, pacified by something I am not so sure I understand – they feign bipartisanship, equanimity, consensus building, and so much more, but it’s the democrats who are the surveillance and bullets group, the modulators, until we are here, a world with Trump, a world run by rummies and derelicts.

We are disengaged, and people daily, hourly, tell me how nothing we do matters, that protesting the inauguration is wrong-dumb-meaningless, that the voters spoke and that’s that, no matter what side you spread your butter on.

This is the time of 99 percent nothingness entertainment, and 100 infotainment, the meaner the message, the better, all those creepy voyeuristic things the warped suburban elites are shoveling into their money machine – tv, toys, music, mush!

Until, now, the addiction is the witnessing, sitting back, one upping everyone, this generation now, the generation passed out, the old/the same old racist, the new and the dying, all liberators of their capital, at the expense of the entire rest of humanity

This is no tribute to Martin King, the fighter against this reckless country, no talk of the fake assassinations, all those cherub FBI children waiting for another generation to crack-cocaine/Ritalin/ Prozac into compliance or constraints. But the tribute is far from the churches of I Have No Dream Outside the Confines of Confinement . . . Better to all have a dark vision of this America, of the military, the hate against the poor, the America of one-two-three Jim Crow.

Garish, World Wide Wrestling Politicians, the Ayn Rand other aliens, this syrupy big bad supersonic multiple warhead nation of monitization.

I talked to someone today, one time in the race for drugs, money, insurgency of insignificant mullah, who is sober, who has seen those 12 steps, reads, appreciates all he missed, knows the life in poverty does knee-jerk many a kid into dealing, drugging, playing the Sunset Boulevard with waste toys.

This is not the story of Hollywood or NYT, a boy at 9, abandoned by parents, and he hangs with a prostitute, gets a .25 cal pistol, is the watcher while she does her tricks. He’s 54 now, tear-drops tattooed on face, fingers each with a word, love, hate, the virgin on his deltoids.

But he’s motivational, a leader, teacher, a compassionate one, done with drugging, shooting, running the streets, scams, and, well, who better than to advise these governors and policy makers, king makers, than this fellow. I am not kidding, we need real people at the table, at the policy table, at the round table, at the decision-making table.

He knows the witnessing is a burden, knows my sorry ass fount of knowledge is deliberating with the world of the uncaring, the unknowing, the big boys and girls pulling in six figures, a few sevens, maybe 20 million a years, wannabe billionaires.

This is a capitalism pressed into debt and throw-away, obsolescence in the type of Brillo to peel away the patina of hubris, the obsolete us, the worker, the teacher, the knowing, the hard laboring people who somehow know what’s right but are in a Stockholm Syndrome with these most ugly and dead from the neck up people we put in front of cameras, with the gavels, all those boards running by the dead neck up society, mostly white, but the world is co-opted by the deadly virus of stupidity germinated by the 24/7 consumer orgy of obesity and obnoxiousness.

Many know nothing of MLK or of Malcolm or of Che or of Castro. Two fellows I chatted with over chai tea think MLK died an old man, in some church, pounding away with his homilies into senility. Just today, coming out of a tea bar.

Not to worry, flat earthers, not to worry, the Sun Orbits Earth Earthers.

Mass incarceration, mass delusions, mass retardation, mass agnotolgy. The world goes better with Coke-Kentucky Fried Chicken-Cheetos-Cheating, and the first family is always the last to know, the last to see, maybe all the way to the deathbed, Obama, yes, Clinton, no, and Trump is the Famous One, in Madame Tussauds, the only living cell in Donald the Klieg Light Sunset of his Alimentary Canal.

Liberal here, Libertarian there, wanting more surveillance, more CCTV, more money digitized, more time away from anyone but the bytes, the glowing screen, all those possibilities in the ether, The Cloud.

Imagine, mass jailing, mass profiling, a massive systemic way to break the Black male, the Latino male. Poverty eating at the souls of tens of millions, yet the choice tonight is more genetically altered TV-Netflix junk, tiring and soul sapping millionaires delivering the pap and news and textbooks and history.

Checks – credit, school, background, legal, health, monetary, a hundred screens of personality test, test after test, robbing the soul of children unborn.

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“How much progress is it really,” wonders Michelle Alexander, author of the New Jim Crow, “if communities of color are still under perpetual surveillance and control, but there’s a private company making money off the GPS monitor, rather than the person being locked in a literal cage?”

Then, how many are slaving away now, inside or outside the penitentiaries, for the vanguard, for the last shekel?

“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” 13th Amendment of US Constitution

I work as a social worker, in a burgeoning city (Portland), in an area that is bloating even more with transplants leaving California because of their so-called rationalization that climate change/drought is running them out of Southern Cal. Really, read, “Too many ethnicities, too many Latinos, too expensive.” But, we know this is all code for a true racism and white supremacy in both their hearts and minds.

These are Trump Times- Reagan Times- Racist Rallies!

You know, how many blathering columns from the Democratic Center and from the left will we see about either how Trump is not us, or from the left, how Trump just needs a chance. We see all these big barreled thinkers and word processing lions telling me, the world, that protest is wrong, boycotting this perversion is wrong, and that his supposedly love of Putin (all BS, since the USA, and Trump especially, is all We are U-S-A, all bronze-tanned, small-mitts in sexual assault mode 24/7, self-aggrandizing, big mouthed and ignorant and proud of it Rusky Haters) is somehow an indication he, the leader of all those apprentices, will not rattle sabers with the Big Bad Russia.

Trump hates anything not of his loins, hates worlds gritty and grimy, hates the creative, the thinkers, the real minds outside his country club of excesses. Forget about internationalism, forget about human rights, and forget about common sense or communitarianism. He is all out for himself, and he wants you, fair white female, white male, to do the same. Push the old ones off the edge. Feed the children SSRI’s. Feed the teens the lie of luxury. Feed the middle class and the middle gut to be all you can be through eating, shaping, 24 hour fitness, 24/7 at home surfing.

I work for homeless, those with a litany of fines, garnishments, victims of wage theft, interest loads, financial obligations that turn their lives into debtors’ prison hell. Independence, via automobile, yanked away: No license for driving without proof of insurance, no license for driving with a suspended license. You get the picture – hundreds of dollars and most likely thousands just in traffic fines, and held in limbo, shitty jobs, no chance of getting real steady work or driving gigs because this bullshit list of things they owe that go way back is like a rotting albatross around their collective necks.

Don’t let effete leaders like Clinton x 2, Bush x 3, Obama and Michelle, Trump and his/their PT Barnum Freak Show Entourages, and 90 percent of them all, from politicos to CEOs fool you: They are racist, money changers, know that financial structural violence destroys not only the man or the woman, but many times large swaths of their families, generation after generation.

Jubilee, mass pardon, all those fines and IOU’s to the very people that yanked their lives away in prison or jail or under charges that most times have very little to do with reality. Even if time is served righteously, screw these Demons – republicans and democrats – lording over people’s lives.

This is managed chaos, managed damage control, all these 100 million of us with some form of criminal labeling, some interfacing with the criminal injustice systems, we are marked, Google-able, set forth in a spiral of ever-thinning opportunities.

Death by a thousand fines, death through a million loopholes and laws.

This is a story of punishment and what Michelle Alexander states above as private-for profit prisons transition into stay-at-home high-tech monitoring for people charged with petty crimes, or worse, felonies that they never committed. We are a punishment society, one where we are all criminals, collectively for what we continue to support with our votes, tax bucks, inane macho U-S-A Number One thinking – killing here, abroad, at the hands of armies of soldiers and armies of lawyers, technocrats and money thieves..

This is the Bush man, Lee Atwater in a 1981 interview, in which he articulates the willful abstraction of racism: Dog whistling Republican, Bush or Trump or Reagan or every one of them, tens of thousands in office.You can hear this conversation in Ava's movie, 13th:

“You start out in 1954 by saying, ‘Nigger, nigger, nigger.’ By 1968 you can’t say ‘nigger’ — that hurts you, backfires. So you say stuff like, uh, forced busing, states’ rights, and all that stuff, and you’re getting so abstract. Now, you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is, blacks get hurt worse than whites.… ‘We want to cut this,’ is much more abstract than even the busing thing, uh, and a hell of a lot more abstract than ‘Nigger, nigger.’

And here’s another lipless white man, like every man in office, almost, just more guttural, John Ehrlichmain again in her outstanding documentary, 13th:

“You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

I’m thinking of all my African American co-workers, and the white ones, all social workers, and not one of them have seen Ava DuVernay’s , “13th.” I get a daily feed of all the rotten college sports reports, all the reports on the big guys and gals in pro ball, I get all the latest on the sit-com or Netflix movie of the week. All the inside information on the latest food cart, or some other such superficiality.

We work mostly with people who have loads of criminal backgrounds chaining them down. Mass incarceration, school to prison pipeline, red-lining, the war on drugs, all of this and more, and here we are, people know the next Spielberg flick, practice the Christian thing on the weekends, and no nothing, know nothing.

“The idea that we criminalize fellow human beings based on optics, based on the need to progress in politics and gain power, and for economic reasons and financial reasons, for financial gains, and we throw out humanization for criminalization.” Ava DuVernay

The documentary is basic for those of us who have been on the front lines. Yes, it’s odd seeing Van Jones talking, an ameliorating fellow, strange to hear Gingrich, and odd to witness so many smart African Americans all in one documentary. Odd that people are not pushing and pulling to get at this film.

But that’s the age of stupidity, the age of collective of unconsciousness, and we have bubble gum for brains, bubble gum for thoughts and sexuality and entertainment.

My man is in a new trajectory, out of the cycle of surviving and living the Tony Montana lie, Scarface and all.

This is the age of the 13th amendment, allow for enslavement of prisoners, the new Jim Crow is the old paradigm of money making from pain, poverty, slippage, shame, sickness, dementia, poverty.

war criminals

Paul K. Haeder