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empire keeps giving

Sachs of Goldman: The Gift of Giving the Empire Keeps Giving—Paul Haeder

The unconscious masses amassing collective delusion for a year of Trump-Chump-Clinton

Never the memo delivered in this wasteland . . . never the reality of the shit-storm of this society/shit- storm generated for the rest of the world, and we are as empty and vacuous as ever even with all this instant messaging, these toilets of digital dunce festivals, this giant down in the dumbing of our fellow citizens . . . how flaccid the thinking really is, especially at the top, even in the middle, now, as the masses of muscle-brain Americans play this football board game, the lesser of two evils, the two who are the same, the Trump and Clinton Chumps – rapist and lover of rapine, billionaire with third grade under his belt, the mother of a Sachs of Gold, millions stashed, lies incorporated, the insider deals, both, they travel in circles, equal, the same murderous denizens, the elite with brains scrambled by the lies, the constant drone of missives, tell-tale lies.

I travel the metro of Portland, the Max, and daily, more crowded, more dilapidated, more ads hawking the great opportunity to drive a bus or light rail. The AMAZING thing about this society – call it Green and Keep It Weird Portland or any of the top (sic) metros in this haunted country – we are the dying white class, or classless, precarious, on-call, never a corporation or company or mom and pop willing to throw in and negotiate a career, living wage, and the disaster that is Obama-Insurance-Is-Cared-For Health (death) care. The meaning of dog eat dog, survival of the fittest, this eugenics world, drain the ever-living economics of daily toil, each inch moved, tolls, future debts, let the children pay until the bone is worked to the skin . . . no one is willing to stand down, protest, rebel, stop the music of the fiddler, Nero, as this society, Ted-X-ed gangley, the entire polished chosen few, manipulating the lesser, the masses, fish-tails into the dump, that ravine of floating millions, the victims of capital-ism.

The stat is that 111 people a day move here, to PDX, Portland, and most come here from Semi Valley, or have that Orange County shit-for-brains racism and are here because of the rest of the country, floundering that it is, has more and more reason to push out the public commons, the necessity of being a human being in this commodity-driven, amortized-soaked, Point Zero One Percent-run society that has for its soul, Indigenous-killing, African-Slaving-Using mettle, which is a continuous criminal enterprise, starting from the big daddy-o, George Washington, all the way to the Uncle in the Tom that is Obama, child of the rule of law and Marcus of Queensberry Rules of the Unruly Economy for-by-because of the Few.

The lament is we can't rant or go stream of consciousness now, a country linked to the insipid, the awards shows, all that zombie nation shit, the entire feces that is on the Flix of the Net, in this militarized world, held sway by the money-changers, the security-surveillance state, the rule of law, which is outlaw/less and perverse, run by the marked, morphed, some crazy brained seized people lording over the mass of consumers, drones, the flood of fear and loathing in a country bleached of culture, ready to turn anyone in/into . . . criminals, by felons at the top, creeping on us, misdemeanors into the dark, we run the numbers for them, as we flag in a society that puts money into background checks, tests, prove-it exams . . . we are splayed, filleted and our very marrow is sucked free until the "walking ghost" becomes our holy grail.

The leaders have no exams, the John Kerry's and Samantha Power's of the world, no tests, no litmus tests, nothing, to prove their worth, to show their intellectual mettle, knowledge, nothing, but they are part of the elite, the skull and bones society, their other clubs like gangs of billionaires, money is their soul, flippancy their empathy, patronizing us, the daily lies, bombs in countries, smart weapons, the children aflame, entire oceans toxin-singed, their anti-Putin-ism, anti-Trump-ism, all the same, media roasts, the har-har of their pathetic children and sons-and-daughters in law, inter-generational fascism, frozen liberalism, never-never deep, now, just the rah-rah of backing their demon Hillary, while they denigrate, Trump, while they bank with the Killer Five, invest with the Fortune Five Hundred, while they industrialize their military complex, each vaccine manufactured, suspect, each multi-syllabic/hyphenated compound, inorganic, pharmacopeia-ed to suck the Sapiens out of the Homo Erectus, they lead this country into the dark arts of living inside the house of mirrors, malls to nowhere, our names sewn into the seats of our pants, entire family-credit histories sunk into our skin, RFID's, smart phones, smart Internet of Things, of Everything, in order for each drip of the Shopaholic micturition to be charged to the death bill awaiting every great grandchild unborn.

Look, the stream of consciousness, spiel, here, drawn and quartered in this flagrant world of exploitation, numbers running the society that we think we have, it's easy to understand as the media and the dunces in the mafia of the law have let those racist, degenerates that came to my neck of the woods, Oregon, to make their racist stand on federal property – imagine this shit if it was you, or I, in a post office, protesting the US government, armed, stand-off? We'd be watching the paint peel in the 6 by 8 cell for several centuries.

We heard minute by minute play, the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, a 41-day protest of redneck, warped guys and their gals, in a big act of anti-government, these rotten dudes who are supremacists, they call it anti-Everything Government, but it was an occupation with guns, threats, and here they were on TV, captured admitting to their crimes, forty-one straight, daily, breaking news, these warped boys, and they sauntered around with guns blazing, and, lo and behold, this white, reckless stupid society, in a courtroom for and by the elite, were found one hundred percent innocent.

This is the folly of a media-soaked, small screen watching, smart-dumb phone loving culture, where the news is not, where the white shit that is American racist policy holds up anywhere, even with these deformed thinkers in the law who couldn't put those pieces of you know what *%@#! behind bars.

Free and clear, these bastards who did the stand-off, occupying a national – our – refuge.

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Bolt down the heroes, the Black Panthers, the Protestors, the Eco-warriors; bolt us down when we occupy the offices of the fat-cat college presidents; bolt us down when we converge in the streets with our Trayvon Was Murdered signs.

But, if I end up on the Gates Foundation property, outside, protesting that racist dude and his thousands of sycophants, bam, slammer for me. Slammer for me in a shareholders' meeting of Amazon-Screw-the-World-Com. Imagine, flipping off burly, flak-jacket wearing sheriffs, or disobeying (sic) an order from any police bureau or department? Imagine the speed of the assault, the rapidity of the trial, the sharpness of the charges. I have been thrown in the slammer with priests, nuns and students for protesting the School of the Americas, the wars, those dirty ones, and the others this Empire unleashes like bonfires . . . . But deformed thinkers and strange strays come to Rural Oregon and Stand Down their Stupidity, with guns brandished, and, bam, acquittal.

Bolt down the heroes, the Black Panthers, the Protestors, the Eco-warriors; bolt us down when we occupy the offices of the fat-cat college presidents; bolt us down when we converge in the streets with our Trayvon Was Murdered signs.

When you hit 59, going on 60, this is a world of knowing, seeing, feeling the whoosh of the tipping point, the electrical shock of the agnotology, the swift acrid burning flesh of the propagandized masses, the gut-pounding kick of the stupidity of our leaders, in every sector – education, management, medicine, science, social services, arts, even philosophy.

This is the day and age of liberals who are war-mongers, loving the rotten Obama's Roasting Fun, making it so jolly about his drone love, and these liberals loving the fact Trump is directly smeared by the sexism-racism-xenophonia of our times, that Hillary will be another first like Barak Hussein, just more of the same, but, ahh, so-so racist, too, these purveyors of pain to the people, pain to the people.

Daily, the arguments get louder, the feeling of being pushed out of anything resembling democratic functionality, anything that might speak to egalitarianism, social society, anything that might lean toward a deep critique of how bloodied the world is because of US, the United State of Israel.

I work with people who believe (no evidence, no deep read, nothing) Clinton is actually good, who buy the rotten old saw that her breeding, her speaking, her family, her world view, all of it, “make her pretty darned good compared to the rest”, and that the Democratic party is so far ahead on the curve than the other same old same party.

I am fighting daily the stupidity of aged in this country, the stupidity of youth, too, as we have come to a point that people on both sides of the dirty capitalist- corporatocratic aisle have insulted their humanity and brains with so-so much washing. Nothing's changed, nothing's changed with the now and when Malcolm X said (my parenthesis added):

"If Lyndon Johnson (Hillary) had been running all by himself (/herself), he(/she) would not have been acceptable to anyone. The only thing that made him (/her) acceptable to the world was that the shrewd capitalists, the shrewd imperialists, knew that the only way people would run toward the fox would be if you showed them a wolf. So they created a ghastly alternative. And it had the whole world — including people who call themselves Marxists — hoping that Johnson (/Clinton) would beat Goldwater (/Trump)."

And, well, this is now up to date, lovely Central America, the entire shit-storm of American dominance in worlds we never belonged in:

"We're coming out of a coup that we can't put behind us. We can't reverse it. It just kept going..The same Hillary Clinton, in her book, Hard Choices, practically said what was going to happen in Honduras..And here, she, Clinton [backed the coup leaders] even though we warned this was going to be very dangerous and that it would permit a barbarity, not only in Honduras but in the rest of the continent. And we've been witnesses to this." – Assassinated Honduran environmental activist and Goldman Environmental Prize winner Berta Isabel Cáceres Flores (1973-2016) speaking in 2014 in post-coup Honduras, who was murdered in her home in 2016.

paul haeder

Paul Haeder