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Why Sexual Assault Matters

Invasion of the Invasives: Homo Retailepithecus Battling with Homo Consumopiethecus

Sexual assault in the USA is far worse than any pencil-necked CNBC reporter with her bleached bottle hair or any Geraldo type with his chest and belly hugging corset attempt to deny. They are clueless what happens in cribs, in children’s rooms, in the locker rooms and gymnasiums and inside doctor’s offices and military barracks and around dorms and colleges, and on the burning beds of this patriarchal and messed up society. I’m rushing to file this piece because I have to clock out of my job as social worker at a transitional shelter for homeless vets on Wednesday, and then make the 6-hour drive to Spokane, Washington, where my 22-year-old daughter had a groping son-of-a-bitch boss touch her, hug her and then verbally molest her.

There will be no male cop or male judge or male prosecutor or two-bit male lawyer coming to her defense. Just a tired radical Marxist dad driving that white line fever to end up in another city of reprobates, meth heads, lost youth, conservative home owners and small-town USA principles, and yet, it’s some small business owner who did the deed of harassing, with his partner-wife and the female manager not only turning a blind eye, but ameliorating the son-of-a-bitch’s behavior.

This should be a lesson for the withering men in those women’s lives who have been assaulted by Trump, Clinton and the entire mess of slobs and perverts that populate this fair country. A grab here, a grope there, a pornographic comment here, a coercion there, a fondling here, an attempted rape there, a choking here, and a rape there.

Look, the news is a daily cycle of male pigs up and down the line:

A man drove an Alaska Native woman to a dark street, said he would kill her and choked her until she blacked out.

He then masturbated on her face. Originally charged with kidnapping, 34-year-old Justin Schneider pleaded guilty to a single count of felony assault in a deal with prosecutors and was sentenced last week to two years in prison with one year suspended.

Having already spent a year in home confinement, he stepped out of the courtroom with no more time to serve.

The case has stirred outrage, with victims’ advocates pointing to it as another example of a lenient sentence for a crime against women amid the #MeToo movement against sexual misconduct. The judge said he thought the sentence was too light but deferred to prosecutors on what could be proven at trial.

There is revulsion in some of the revolutionaries’ hearts living and fighting out there, and some of us just have to take matters in our own hands: confront the sexual assaulters, the abusers, in the streets, in their places of business, their workplaces, their restaurant haunts, on their driveways!

There is revulsion in some of the revolutionaries’ hearts living and fighting out there, and some of us just have to take matters in our own hands: confront the sexual assaulters, the abusers, in the streets, in their places of business, their workplaces, their restaurant haunts, on their driveways!

Once one bears witness to a crime against one person, it is a crime against humanity that needs to be reckoned with. In so many ways, though, these Clintons and Trumps and Cosby’s and Spitzers and (fill in the blank) ____________ are above the law of humanity, as their own sick lives — with wives and daughters and family and plethora of idiots supporting them — encased in self-aggrandizement, as their brethren are continually denigrating accusers, making up lie after lie against people who have to muster more courage in their single finger to go against the Kavanaughs of the world than all the muster and courage encapsulated in a bunch of SEAL Team murderers, in their entire Osama bin Laden-Killing bodies.

Toxic Invasive People

With that, I believe we are an invasive species, Homo Sapiens, especially the Anglo-Caucasian male kind. Here’s a little biological definition:

As per Executive Order 13112 an “invasive species” is defined as a species that is:

1) non-native (or alien) to the ecosystem under consideration and

2) whose introduction causes or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health.

Invasive species can be plants, animals, and other organisms (e.g., microbes). Human actions are the primary means of invasive species introductions.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature, (IUCN) describes invasive species as “animals, plants or other organisms introduced by man into places out of their natural range of distribution, where they become established and disperse, generating a negative impact on the local ecosystem and species.” Invasive species can negatively impact human health, the economy (i.e. tourism, agriculture), and native ecosystems. These impacts may disrupt the ecosystem processes, introduce diseases to humans or flora and fauna, and reduce biodiversity.

Invasive species are organisms that have been transported from their native environment to a new environment. Depending upon the transportation distance, these species may be removed from competitive factors (i.e. pathogens, pests, predators) that limit their abilities to disrupt native and human altered ecosystems.


White man’s foot is a plantain, a weed brought over by the invaders, and spread by their boots and shoe treads.

The Song of Hiawatha

Wheresoe’er they move, before them
Swarms the stinging fly, the Ahmo,
Swarms the bee, the honey-maker;
Wheresoe’er they tread, beneath them
Springs a flower unknown among us,
Springs the White-man’s Foot in blossom.

— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1855


Here’s the ultimate body snatcher white race going back to 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue . . .

Pope Alexander VI issued a May 4, 1493, papal bull granting official ownership of the New World to Ferdinand and Isabella. To these monarchs, the Pope declared:

“We of our own motion, and not at your solicitation, do give, concede, and assign for ever to you and your successors, all the islands, and main lands, discovered; and which may hereafter, be discovered, towards the west and south; whether they be situated towards India, or towards any other part whatsoever, and give you absolute power in them.”

If Indians did not immediately comply, the Requirement warned them:

“We shall take you and your wives and your children, and shall make slaves of them, and as such shall sell and dispose of them as their Highnesses may command; and we shall take away your goods, and shall do all the harm and damage that we can.”


Here’s another family of invasives, the Bushes, and W’s idiotic declaration of that rapist and murderer Columbus’ great prominence in this white supremacist culture:

October 9, 2002, President George W. Bush issued a presidential proclamation celebrating “Columbus’ bold expedition [and] pioneering achievements,” directing that “the flag of the United States be displayed on all public buildings on the appointed day in honor of Christopher Columbus.”

Oh, this blog started off looking at the sickness of patriarchy, at this spiritually eviscerated America, and with a strong eye toward the troglodytes ruling the four branches of government (yes, the Fourth Estate, as it is, court eunuchs and harem workers). We are in a lamentation time of stupidity, created by this aversion to truth time, or maybe all the time in PT Barnum Never Kept a Treaty Chop Off the Kids and Mothers and Grannies and Grandpas of All Native Tribes there have been smoke and mirrors, snake oil cures, and a sucker borne now every nanosecond.

This is also a time of faux ground-truthing, or little of it, as the echo chambers and infomercials and unending hucksterism of this land of see-hear-speak no “self-professed” evil gain prominence in the Cloud, in the Dirt sold as entertainment, in the Cracks of Education, inside the belly of the beasts collectively called FIRE – finance insurance real estate.

I am thinking hard about agency, and just what shall I do now that I have born witness, now that another slight to humanity hits home with the realization that my 22 year old daughter got harassed by a filthy little businessman and sexually impugned and then fired from her piddly job as barista in Spokane working for some slob who owns and manages the bistro.

Men in Power Suck Anything

I think of all the apologists for the Weinsteins and Spitzers and Clintons and Trumps and Jeffrey Epsteins, Roy Cohens, and, well, I have many bones to pick with these idiotic apologists . . .

. . . ahh that was 1990, and I was working, living, getting arrested in, reporting on El Paso, when that filthy governor wannabe, Clayton Williams, the oil and gas tycoon, lost the governor’s race to Ann Richards with his famous quip about rape: “. . . if it’s inevitable, relax and enjoy it”. . .

. . . for denigrating the attackers and accusers of the rapists and sexual assaulters and, then, these mighty pen wielders, oh, how they laugh, minimize and doubt any accusation around the common practice of sexual coercion by the pigs in power against those below them. They to a tee say that the accused are innocent, way innocent, part of a witch hunt, unfairly picked out, and, shit, this is law-abiding, social justice loving, fair America, so, they/we/us/men deserve “our” day in court. Hmm.

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Guilty before presumed innocent, that’s what the commentators yammer on about, and yammering on about oh how dare these women for making these accusations, and shame on their bosses for sacking Charlie Rose or the head of CBS or any number of syphilitic thespians and entertainers and bankers. Oh, man, when do we the American citizenry get OUR day in court, and when do we ever get to give all those Titans running the show our day in court against, albeit against their $2000 an hour coke sniffing lawyers, with their paid-for informants in high office, with their politicians in back pockets, with judges’ and prosecutors’ minds gerrymandered to believe in the power for, by, because of the stockholders and Captains of Industry?

Do we need a court of appeal for the, err, how many Demon=c….rats, who voted for this filthy, insane, anti-human, economy-sucking, earth-cracking “military” budget? Whose day in court is that budget getting prosecuted in, or this day of reckoning, is it when we can’t even give tents to homeless Americans, or even hold back the sewage of 9.7 million pigs in Florence-drenched North Carolina? All those fence line communities with pig excrement-blood-rotting fetuses sprayed onto fields while children wheeze with asthma, cough up the nitrous oxides and deadly bacterial clouds coming from the killing fields, or all those tortured animals so some schmuck in Portland can eat a bacon-infused/covered Voodoo Doughnut. They getting their day in court, and do they receive their god-giving innocent before guilty decrees from above?

Toxic Imperial Masculinity

Did you, reader, vote for this sexual-homicidal assault budget for the military monsters? Whose #MeToo movement is this?

28 July 2018

By an overwhelming bipartisan vote Thursday, the US House of Representatives approved the largest military authorization bill in American history. The National Defense Authorization Act approves $716 billion to fund US military aggression around the world, and gives President Trump the power to order cyberwarfare attacks on Russia, China, Iran and North Korea without further congressional action.

The NDAA passed on a roll-call vote of 359 to 54. House Republicans backed the legislation by a near-unanimous vote of 220-5. House Democrats supported it by the margin of 139-49. The entire House Democratic leadership backed the military authorization bill: Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, Deputy Minority Whip James Clyburn, and Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee.

Debbie Dingell, the multimillionaire Democrat from the 12th Congressional District of Michigan, was one of the representatives voting for the military authorization bill.

Only seven Democrats (Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, D-MA, Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, D-OR, Kamala Harris, D-CA, Dick Durbin, D-IL, and Kirstin Gillibrand, D-NY) and independent Bernie Sanders, who caucuses with the Democratic Party, voted against the bill (Sen. Angus King, an independent from Maine who also caucuses with the Democrats, neutralized Sanders’ vote by voting for the measure).

For those who may have hoped that perhaps the growing number of self-described “democratic socialist” candidates running for seats in Congress might call out this war-mongering by the Democratic Party establishment, there was just silence.

Sanders, in fact, supports the F-35, an epic turkey of a jet fighter-bomber that at a program cost of $1.5 trillion and counting and a unit-price that already exceeds $100 million per plane even before it is operational, is the most expensive weapon in the history of mankind. Sanders supports this wet kiss for the US arms industry because the Pentagon was thoughtful enough to base a wing of the planes at an airbase in Vermont, Sen. Sanders’ home state.

If democratic socialist Sanders cannot stand up to that kind of blatant Pentagon manipulation, how can any elected representative?

$1.5 trillion would be enough money to guarantee Social Security benefits into the indefinite future as far as anyone can see, and could even allow for an increase in benefits from the current starvation level of a program that is the sole source of retirement income for half of all retired Americans and the major source of support for 90% of them.

Warmongers in Democrat Clothing

Image placeholder title

Millionaires Are Knapweed

We, the American citizenship, are guilty consistently and preeminently before being presumed innocent when it comes to missed mortgage payments/rents, unpaid moving traffic violations, messed up tax filings, forgotten appointments with doctors, airlines, you name it. Do we get the benefit of the doubt, the innocent before condemnation when it comes to fees, fines, charges, penalties, levies, taxes, tolls? We are guilty as sin before any presumption of innocence when it comes to forced arbitration clauses, or when we want to collectively bargain in the workplace, never do we get our day in court. We are guilty as sin, before presumed innocence, when we have to provide background checks, credit checks, piss checks, blood and physical checks, and entire DNA checks before even getting hired on at these precarious, anti-Bill of Rights companies.

I doubt that all those men, and some women, yammering away at how sad it is and unjust that all those poor multi-millionaires getting fired/laid off/golden parachuted out of a job, after allegations of groping, thrusting, exposing, masturbating, assaulting and raping, give a rat’s ass when it comes to community justice and ethnic justice and racial justice and LGBTQQ justice and environmental justice and economic justice. We the citizens are always guilty before being proven innocent. This is the absurdity of our times – when will men, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, male identifying allies, take a good whack at the offenders when a woman or girl or child female is attacked, smothered with sexual filth on the job, groped, raped and beaten?

You can smack a Trump or Weinstein, but then you get a fat-jowled cop strip searching you, and then you get a slack-jawed judge convicting you after you might have righteously whacked an esteemed member of the rich and/or influential boys’ club for forcefully penetrating your daughter.

Socialists Against Women, A New Toxicity 

Here, even the World Socialists (WSWS – world socialists web site, that is) are hammering away at/against the #MeToo movement, giving digital space and orchestrated angst to the oh so poor multimillionaire actors and studio heads and the like “getting dragged through the mud” (my ass), accused and then summarily sacked by their equally sleazy stockholders, boards, CEOs. Innocent before guilty, that’s what the socialists are calling for? That’s the scope of things – attack women victims (and men or boys) – while these socialists are paying taxes for war and flying around those Boeing aircraft, a company whose profits are bombing systems that bomb the innards out of how many nations’ innocents. Guilty before proven human, that’s American de facto life as we pay our taxes for these monsters. That’s the American motto. MAM – shoot military aged males, the old Vietnam War refrain and policy as Americans scoped, sited and shot any male that looked to be over 11 years of age. Innocent before proven guilty my ass!

The very act of being an American, or White Westerner, well, that act is pushing the hardcore guilty verdict on the rest of the planet. No presumed innocence for the rest of the world!

I get it it that lives can be destroyed with false charges. How many black men are in prison, rotting, and then they are found innocent by DNA or witness recantation, decades after prison Hell: DA’s who are corrupt and judges who are warped and juries who are out to lunch and public defenders who are asleep?

Kill List USA, and the very comfy reclining chair on a 737 the result of Boeing’s continual criminal enterprise in the Military Industrial Complex. Shame on these tough writers attacking the women who have to crawl out of their trauma rooms to face these men!

This is the plaintiff, Katie Johnson, with Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump listed as defendants in a rape case against the two of them dating back years. She was 13 at the time, and drugged like Bill Cosby’s victims. Red it!

Oh, yes, we have a plethora of people demanding “innocent until proven guilty” in this #MeToo movement. Oh, these swollen-eyed millionaire thespians like Sean Penn bleeding lies and attacking accusers of his male-dominated, filthy crew of exhibitionists, gropers, breast grabbers, clutchers of women – against their will – as they assign their Tweedledum and Tweedledee connotations around what is consensual, what is just old jocular sexual fun, and what is just a sexual place, Holly-Dirt.

We don’t know what’s a fact in many of the cases. ‘Salacious’ is as soon as you call something a movement that is really a series of many individual accusers, victims, accusations, some of which are unfounded… The spirit of much of what has been the #MeToo movement is to divide men and women, he said.

He’s a violent guy, little Sean Penn, and, well, the accounts of his hitting and other misogynistic assaults on women in his life go all over the place, and per usual, when you lawyer up and set loose the bulldogs of the counselor class, we get this lengthy account of the accusations against Penn hitting (and worse) his then wife Madonna.

Did Sean Penn Beat Up Madonna? An Archaeology of Hollywood’s Most Explosive Rumor

Oh, this David Walsh over at the World Socialist Web Site has been hammering all accusers of all these Holly-dirt, Media Mad, Titans of Capital. Imagine, the socialists, spending all this time defending this “you are innocent until proven guilty” bullshit line. They’ve got their own standing header over at the WSWS digital diary: The Sexual Misconduct Witch-hunt 

The symbolism and derivative reality of all this sexual predation and sexual assault ties into the power dynamics of a broken people, males, whether they are two-bit mechanics pushing themselves onto waitresses or the IMF chief attempting to rape a hotel worker: Almost nine years ago, another headline!

The head of the International Monetary Fund and possible French presidential candidate, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has been charged with sexual assault and attempted rape after being hauled off a Paris-bound plane by police at a New York airport.

Strauss-Kahn, a key figure in the rescue of the world economy following the global financial crisis, was charged early yesterday, New York time, over an incident 12 hours earlier at a Manhattan hotel in which he allegedly forced a maid to perform oral sex.

Toxic Toads

In the end, I go around to these solutions – sexual harassment training, microaggression therapy, sending the accused into termination spirals – is like the solution to the sugarcane beetle in Australia – they in the 1930s brought in toads from South America, now called cane toads. We are talking about toads in the millions on Australia, toxic toads, toads taking over other ecosystem natives, toads that kill their pray with toxins emanating from their pours and their eyes.

Like the cane toad, the American and White Westerner Male Assaulter has taken over boardrooms, courtrooms, ERs, halls of academia, Wall Street, businesses, entire forces and agencies.

Packed with poison and supremely adaptable, the dreaded cane toad, or Bufo marinus, has few friends in Australia, where a massive scientific and community effort has failed to stop their advance.

“They probably have moved about halfway through that tropical region of Western Australia,” explained Rick Shine, a professor in biology at the University of Sydney. “They are in very inaccessible country now in the Kimberley. It is very hard to get detailed information on exactly where the front is but it seems to be moving at 50 to 60km (31 to 37 miles) per annum.”

The warty amphibians move only during the wet season. Although tracking studies have shown many hop less than 10 metres a day, those at the front line have grown bigger and faster.

“The guys at the invasion front up in the tropics are moving often kilometres in a single night and they have evolved this very distinctive behaviour,” Prof Shine told the BBC.

Sexual predators and assaulters, and those who peddle this smut, this ethos of sexual domination, patriarchy and livid sex culture reality are the toxic Human Bufo Marinus. The so-called allies and family of the offended have to stand up, and have to speak truth to repulsive actions/acts. It might feel uncomfortable facing this toxic wave, one chauvinist pig and rapist at a time; one might feel as if the entire male-dominated society with all its informers and little minions and Little Eichmann’s is too powerful to face with social and humane justice But, the reality is this is one life, one chance to act that one time, many times repeated, to be a human being.

We don’t have a phalanx of social justice citizens at our side because they are part of the cane toad invasion, the toads fornicating and breeding and populating the land with more ineffectual humans who dare not speak power to the so-called powerful.

This too shall pass, when people have been raped symbolically by a system of torture, near-slavery, punishment and incarceration, foreclosures and repossessions.

The fall of man, the toads, the white male race, can only happen when we sheer off their toxic skins and send them into the compost pile they have for centuries and millennia tossed every good and honest and significant but small human onto.

paul haeder

Paul Haeder