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  1. Hello Charley,

    Money Karma comes home to roost !!!

    This is the long awaited opportunity to finally “kill the beast” and kick all the bums out, forever. Be patient and read what I have been saying for insights into another way to manage this civilization, without money and without evil cabals running this world. The keys to a “New Earth” are wisdom and cooperation, not the fears and follies of the past.

    It will soon become painfully obvious, to even the most clueless, that it will be far easier to step away from the deceptions of the past (money, religion, and politics) and finally fix our civilization so it works for everyone, not just for a self-chosen and abominably greedy few. Why should humanity struggle and suffer any longer to repay massive debts and endure great debacles created by amazingly greedy and deceptive monetary and political leaders? Are you familiar with the ancient concept of a Jubilee? It’s time has come, and the power of the rich and arrogant is about to be blown away on the winds of long-overdue and irresistible change.

    Here is Wisdom…


  2. same crap we’ve been given for 8 years! it’s really time to impreach…Dubba has cost us our life savings, our homes, our very life blood…without an impreachment he goes back to Texas and we pay him every month…no matter what…it’s time to stop this bleeding…we have nothing more to give him and his cohorts…

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