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What’s pot doing in a fitness column? Everything! As you’ll see, pot is no longer just for stoners anymore. It has tons of applications: from medical to social, political to professional, recreational to financial. And fitness isn't just about exercise anymore; it's about well-being and doing whatever it takes to achieve it. Health, wellness and weed is only the beginning.

Pot Big Business

As I joked in my last column, pot may be the voters’ choice in Washington, Oregon, Colorado and D.C. for PESD (Post Election Stress Disorder), but it’s becoming the go-to choice for the over 5 million people suffering with real and debilitating PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Pot Big Business

New research suggests that cannabis may offer better care than the current class of drugs commonly used to treat the disorder, such as SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) antidepressant Zoloft. In a recent study patients who smoked cannabis saw an average 75 percent reduction in PTSD symptoms, including anxiety, flashbacks, and depression.

But enough with the depressing stuff. Let’s talk about something more upbeat and happy. No, I’m not talking about sativa, I’m talking about love, and looking for it in all the right places – if you’re a pothead, that is.

Pot Big Business

There are countless dating sites now exclusively for people who want to date fellow weed smokers.,, and are just a few of the many dating communities where you can meet the ganja girl or guy of your dreams. Billed as the Cupid of Cannabis, invites potential members to “Plant your seed and watch your love grow.”

And speaking of growing, can we talk about the growth of the marijuana business for a second? Or as pot entrepreneurs like to call it “cannabusiness.” The pot trade has suddenly gone mainstream, fueled by investors with big pockets and a marketplace that’s got munchies for big profits.

We already know in Colorado pot is big business. Money is being made hand-over-fist, supplying huge tax revenues to the state and creating tons of new jobs. A recent career fair called CannaSearch, recruited for 500 open pot jobs around the state, including dispensary workers, horticulturists, social media managers and marketing executives.

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Cheech and Chong, welcome to Wall Street.

Pot Big Business

I was curious about the new pot laws in Colorado, so I took a trip to Denver right before the election to see what all the fuss was about. And guess what? There is no fuss. It’s business as usual down on the farm. And in the dispensary. If I wasn’t so excited to get my first behind-the-scenes tour of a facility, I would've been bored. There was nothing seedy about it. Correction: there were a few seeds, actually.

How do I describe the pot growing facility I visited? Well, think of a cross between a factory assembly line, a regular pharmacy, and a giant hot house. The workers employed there looked like Santa’s workshop meets Lucy and the candy factory - everyone was moving with speed and precision, taking their duties very seriously.

And talk about job satisfaction! These workers are happy. I can’t think of a single factory job in the world where the employees can’t wait to clock in.

Pot Big Business

I felt like a Japanese tourist with my camera, snapping photos of the facility and taking silly selfies of myself looking like a total idiot. But who could blame me? I’ve never seen plants that close, with such big, sticky buds. My eyes were practically falling out of my head! I was having the time of my life and I wasn’t even high.

As I left the place, I noticed there were leaves sticking to the bottom of my shoes. Since I was heading to the airport, this posed an immediate dilemma for removal: I could either clean my sneakers, or smoke them.

Here’s the bottom line with pot: you don’t have to smoke it, eat it, use it, or even like it. But if you're pro-business, enjoy tax revenue, and prefer a natural way to medicate, then just make sure you vote for it when it comes to a ballot box near you.


Treva Brandon Scharf