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FOX Owns National Geographic


Rupert Murdoch then is editor-at-large and cuts, cuts, cuts anything smelling of criticism against industry

The redundancy of capitalism’s fog of war against the environment, the people, the cultures, the spirits, the families, societies of the world is daily trumped by the vapidity of Western civilization’s hold on stupidity; even the cultivated ignorance from the so-called educated elite can make a grown person weep.

We are in a time of infinite eyewitness accounts, and tomes and white papers, cataloging our demise, and the demise of an equilibrium planet earth. Data, more analysis, more data, study after study, shouting from the rooftops, and documentary after documentary, white paper-backed up, and yet, we have gone backwards on every measure. The profundity of those who know the problem (s), those who know how to fix it (them), and a significant number of those of us who want solutions and possess a willingness for sacrifice and belief in seven generations or more out into the future planning ethos, yet in the fog of Capitalism — the abusive parent and spouse and lover, money takes all, superficiality trumps all, dog eat dog rules all (Capitalism with a big “C” for condemned) – there is nothing that can persuade the lonely scientist or battalion of educators or all those nurses and doctors that socialism of one of several forms – collective action and working for the collective, the individual greed-lust-narcissism-snowflake-me/myself/I be damned — is the only way to wrest control of soil, air, water, land, mountain, valley, crop, city, labor, worthiness so the right of man-woman and all other species not only survive but flourish.

Unfortunately once again, critical mass of the compliant, inactive, self-defeating, self-indulging, self-loathing, intellectually-challenged, medically-fragile Homo Sapiens has reached a point where many people on earth, especially in the dominant white cultures, have morphed into emotional, spiritual, psychologically and culturally illiterates, who have DNA mutations that seemingly have created the see-hear-speak no evil against the very corporate fascists who have truly a master scheme or many master plots to take over agency, global economic systems, societies and nature, what will be left of it in a monoculture way of thinking world. Truly, the proportion of lifeless or meaningless thinkers on earth has reached a tipping point, akin to those parts per million of CO2 (over 400 ppm, heading for 500 ppm in 10 or 20 years) in the atmosphere pushing the globe into condemnation of all systems disrupted, all chances of stable climate now tipped over, all resiliencies wrecked.

The war on nature is right in your backyard, as healthy treed and soil-dynamic and riparian and wetland areas are plowed over for asphalt, for the towering monstrosities of commercial enterprises and homes and apartments, for the bleeding industries of poison.

The war on nature is right in your backyard, as healthy treed and soil-dynamic and riparian and wetland areas are plowed over for asphalt, for the towering monstrosities of commercial enterprises and homes and apartments, for the bleeding industries of poison. Over-shoot and raping of the commons and feedback loops and the entire suite of things condonement with unfettered capitalism and consumeristic addiction and the elite’s pledge of making money on everything/ anything, all of it: past, present and future, we already know about because we have studied these things for hundreds of years, studied, and hem and hawed for decades, using test tubes, tests, trillions of human life hours to peer into the globe shaped by unfettered resource exploitation, destruction and elimination, toxicity and irradiation. A glance at our media, or the books coming out, reporting on or actually taking a stance against the rape of everything for the common dirty dollar, it’s nauseating, really, since it is a vortex of swill, or swirling voyeurism, a kind of analysis paralysis and attention-grabbing nanosecond importance until the next absurdity in our white dominant culture. So much said, so much written, yet the voice of Plutocracy and Kleptocracy and Parasitic Capitalism shouts it all out.

I’m going to shift toward the small, in scope, a magazine, but the issue is dealing with a global problem, from sea to shining sea, as each country and continent becomes the despoiler of mother earth.

Take for instance the most recent issue of National Geographic Magazine (the Nat. Geo. Channel was scarfed up by FOX going on 21 years ago, and just recently the National Geographic Society, almost 130 years running as a non-profit, now owned – bought and sold 2015 — by the scion of smut, Rupert Murdoch, AKA 21st Century Fox).

FOX Owns National Geographic

The issue highlights plastic, with the 6-2018 magazine cover declaring “Planet or Plastic?” with the subtitle of: “18 billion pounds of plastic end up in the ocean year. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.” Much of the issue is choppy, like the new “in” of web page design, except this of the Safeway grocery store checkout line sort of magazine display among the other smut magazines. I call National Geographic environmental, ethnographic, geological, societal smut. Not that the underpinning of the pieces on plastic and pollution and the monumental scale of our waste and discard is not worthy of some obvious accolades, but in the end – the fog of capitalism – eats at even the core of capitalists and capitalism. Scientists who end up quoted in pieces in National Geographic as well as the stable of writers and photographers by-lining herein are so tied to the belief that capitalism wins out all, and that capitalism’s unintended problems/ consequences/disasters (surely using unintended as a modifier or caveat for anything coming out of Western culture’s cauldrons of industries, technologies, economics, academics, engineering, propaganda is the force within of our collective delusion) can be solved through hope, the individual “consumer” and with the guiding brilliance of a few elites and their pathetic techno fixes from Hell.

More verbiage plastered on the cover is enlightening, and discouraging, since I have some sense of respect for one of the scientists quoted on the cover – Sylvia Earle, marine biologist – yet she too caves:

Plastics aren’t inherently bad. It’s what we do, or don’t do, with them that counts.

The premise is of course wrong – plastics are inherently bad: the process from which the polymers were first created was tied to one of the products from the off gassing of the oil industry, ethylene. Plastics were created to make war machines lighter, and they were used to make a world of disposability possible. That was already in the marketing pipeline of the Masters of Flimflam, Edward Bernays and the Mad Men of Madison Avenue.

Plastics, like OxyContin, were generated not for the good of humankind, but for the quicker and more voluminous profit river flowing up to the Titans of Rip-off. The miracle of better living with chemicals-plastics-pharmaceuticals-fossil fuel-unnatural human industries was never that little prayer the propagandists were selling to the Smiths and Joneses. Rapacious capitalism is about rapacious lying, rapacious economies of scale, rapacious neoliberalism, rapacious resource stealing and despoiling.

Even the slimy opening of this National Geographic issue (of course, gotten by through slipping it in my bag at the dentist’s office) speaks of delusional self-aggrandizement:

Plastics, of course, are a great thing. As Laura Parker writes, they helped the Allies win World War II, “eased travel into space, and revolutionized medicine. . . . In airbags, incubators, helmets, or simply delivering clean drinking water to poor people in those now demonized disposable bottles, plastics save lives daily.” And, yet, as Randy Olson’s jaw-dropping photos show we have created a plastic apocalypse. Developed nations off-load waste from our convenient lifestyle and foist the cleanup on some of the planet’s most vulnerable people.

Then, the great National Geographic states it’s doing its part by no-longer (in USA and UK) putting the monthly issue in plastic wrapping, saving the globe more than 2.5 million single-use plastic bags every month. Instead, the rag is encased in a paper wrapper.

This is the delusion of American and Western marketing, tied so deeply into our DNA, that we can’t work ourselves collectively out of a wet paper bag. This last editor’s note states that –

Will a paper wrapper save the planet? Well, no. But it’s an example of the kind of relatively easy action that every company, every government, and every person can take. And when you put it together, that adds up to real change.

Whew, the hubris, the simpleton-like articulation and absurdity of this editor’s note can take some of us serious journalists aback.

Well, isn’t that cozy – volunteering to do something to help humanity.

The plastics lobby is as powerful of the IDF in Israel, as powerful as the gun and big ag lobbies. But if we all come together and start bringing those reusable bags to Piggly Wiggly, then, viola, end of turtle deaths inside a six pack plastic holder. The purveyor of National Geographic is the smut peddler, the liar, the globalist defamer Rupert Murdoch. That’s the primo editor at large of the rag, as is Jeff I Am the Richest Amazonian Bezos for the Washington Post.

Oh, there’s plenty of attention paid to the so-called white man/woman/child’s dilemma on Earth Day clean ups and lecturing and hectoring about the ills of plastic. We have the documentaries of plastic gyres out there in the oceans getting tons of hits from viewers of the famous Captain Moore and his global plastic hunt. Chris Jordan, photographer, has done a ton on the plastics found inside seabirds, as they starve to death with pounds of Q-tips, Bic lighters, bottle caps and the like bound up in intestines and bellies marine life. Twenty million YouTube video views of the sea turtle off Costa Rica with a plastic straw embedded in a nostril and the biologist attempting to extract it with a Swiss army knife.

Oh, ghost nets, we know about those, by the thousands upon thousands entangling air-breathing marine species and killing gilled animals. The obscenity is the single-use plastics – straws, water bottles, bags, and those airline industry plastic cups delivered at a most inconceivable rate per hour.

Disposability, and somehow the plastics dumped into landfills, flowing into and clogging rivers, and churning up smaller and smaller nano-chunks in the oceans is the problem of the day to be solved by voluntary end use. A world of disposable people, by the billions, a world of disposable animals for human product tests by the hundreds of millions, a world of native and wild species brought to extinction because of the rapacious appetite of capitalism whose twin cousin war not only breeds rapacious greed, but throttles hope and subsistence to billions of people who were once of and for the land.

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Can’t take the genie back and force the devil capitalism back into the bottle, because capitalism is the bottle, the million-mile nets, the endless refineries and polymer and chemical plants eating at the soul of humanity – the soul that should have stayed cohesive and strong and liberated from the flimflam and cruelty of capitalism’s promise of more and more and more.

Civil society and small land farmers and fishers know how to solve their local problems without the racism of a Gates or Einstein of the world coming down like gilded vultures with an actuarial book of lies, deceits and games.

This billionaire Murdoch, this lying and war-mongering and devil’s tongue Australian, now owning yet another “property,” (isn’t it all property, to them, human, forested, coral reefed, mountain top, property?), National Geographic, and, lo and behold, the writing, the editing, the spin, the entire ethos and gross professing and gleaning, and we get here – the middling scientists with zero ability to think outside the computer software and multi-generational big data research box to make proclamations that are pretty apparent and logic to any systems thinker.

We get another short piece, under the heading, Plastic: Human Health, with the big question mark, “A Threat to Us?”

So far science lacks evidence that microplastics – pieces smaller than one-fifth of an inch – are affecting fish at the population level. Our food supply doesn’t seem to be under threat – at least as far as we know.

This is the Faustian bargain, science – universities and private entities, closely linked – by playing that old game of you can’t prove tobacco causes cancer because there are so many other factors on planet earth and in a human’s gene footprint that could/is/most likely is the cause.

So this little PR sidebar tells us that there is no proof of microplastics getting into humans. Ha, 2013, Nature Journal already reported on studies to the contrary, and that, alas is the Rupert Murdoch-Jeff Bezos-Sheldon Adelson way of reporting on their stock holdings: no proof that hazardous chemicals in the plastics do a damn thing to us, the center of the universe.

abstract: Plastic debris litters aquatic habitats globally, the majority of which is microscopic (< 1 mm), and is ingested by a large range of species. Risks associated with such small fragments come from the material itself and from chemical pollutants that sorb to it from surrounding water. Hazards associated with the complex mixture of plastic and accumulated pollutants are largely unknown. Here, we show that fish, exposed to a mixture of polyethylene with chemical pollutants sorbed from the marine environment, bioaccumulate these chemical pollutants and suffer liver toxicity and pathology. Fish fed virgin polyethylene fragments also show signs of stress, although less severe than fish fed marine polyethylene fragments. We provide baseline information regarding the bioaccumulation of chemicals and associated health effects from plastic ingestion in fish and demonstrate that future assessments should consider the complex mixture of the plastic material and their associated chemical pollutants.

Bioaccumulation, and none of that is expressed in the Murdoch rag, National Geographic. The same saw played out with mercury poisoning of those Japanese children that W. Eugene Smith, the photographer, captured:

FOX Owns National Geographic

In 1971, Smith returned to Japan for a third time and lived in the small fishing village of Minamata, with his wife Aileen. Although they planned to stay for only three months, the couple stayed for three years. Smith’s photos on a mercury poisoning scandal in Minamata were published in Asahi Camera, Camera 35, and Life in an article called “Death-Flow from a Pipe,” and in this book called “Minamata: The Story of the Poisoning of a City.” The photos brought world attention to the Minamata disease caused by mercury being released into the ocean by a company called Chisso. The most famous photo was that of Kamimura Tomoko in the bath, cradled by her mother. Born in 1956, Tomoko suffered from mercury poisoning. Mercury had entered her bloodstream through the placenta, leaving her blind, deaf, and with useless legs. Smith heard about Tomoko’s daily afternoon bath and asked her mother if he could photograph them. He carefully checked the bath’s lighting, which came through a dark window. Smith determined that three in the afternoon would be the best time, and took the famous photo in December 1971.

This is the dishonesty that Capitalism and over-educated elites provide the world, as we have this family rag, National Geographic, written at the 10th grade reading level, exploring only part of the story, and not exposing the truth around chemicals, including plastic. No mention of

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, or the PCBs and mercury poisoning through bioaccumulation. Somehow the miracle of plastic never will effect us vis-à-vis consuming the wild marine flesh, which more than 28 percent of the world counts on as a protein and food source.

One telling paragraph gets into the “all the news that’s fit to print” National Geo:

That said, scientists remain concerned about the human-health impacts of marine plastics because, again, they are ubiquitous and they will eventually degrade and fragment into nanoplastics, which measure less than 100 billionths of a meter – in other words, they are invisible. Alarmingly these tiny plastics can penetrate cells and move into tissues and organs [what about the blood-brain barrier?]. But because researchers lack analytical methods to identify nanoplastics in food they don’t have any data on their occurrences or absorption by humans.

Therein lies the magic of words and the insipid reliance on “data” and the so-called “scientific community,” i.e. those vetted by industry and academia elitists.

We are a giant Josef Mengele experiment, and we know nanoparticles are in 80 percent of food items in the Safeway, and we know those slivers of microscopic silver oxide in foods as an anti-caking element do mess with our immune systems, our guts, and enter our organs and muscles and cross the blood-brain barrier.

This is the hucksterism of American Capitalism, and our children will bleed intelligence, physical health and mental stability because the masters of pain along with their data-loving scientists will never give up on the paymasters’ gifts to them in this very destructive Capitalism for the few and the rest of us be damned. They game us, and we have leaders and revolutionaries, but not a peep, man, from the left and mainstream.

Nanoparticles and vaccinations and high fructose corn syrup and processed meats and ginned up chicken stuff for McNuggets, and all of that crap consumed on the iPhone and Smart Phone, and the Librium quality of the music and movies and the pure junk consumed on anti-social media, well, the game is over.

Yes, women have over time, learned that many apex sea creatures bioaccumulate massive amounts of mercury in flesh, and surprisingly they have headed to the right species of marine catches to eat while pregnant, reducing the mercury exposure to their fetuses.

As you read here and here, though, the aluminum and mercury elements in vaccines then triple exposes their babies and then toddlers to a brew of cell-brain-gut-immune system killing elements.

And we are called anti-vaxxers if we dare question the lords of medicine, science and propaganda.

war criminals

I’m looking forward to another lifted National Geographic to see what is in store next in this parade of dumb downing and misinformation.

Paul Haeder