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On May 17, 2014, residents from across Los Angeles will gather in the Port of Los Angeles as part of the National Day of Action Against the Keystone XL Pipeline starting with a community workshop at 10:00 a.m. (located in the community room of the Harbor View Place Apartments, 326 King Avenue, Wilmington) and followed by a short rally at 11:30 a.m. at the nearby Wilmington Waterfront Park (“C” Street and McDonald Avenue).

Hands Across the Harbor

“Hands Across the Harbor” will be one of hundreds of synchronized events with Hands Across the Sand, now in its fifth year, to raise awareness about the dangers of dirty fuels including tar sands and fracking, which are active threats to Harbor area residents. The event will conclude with participants joining hands at 12:00 p.m. in solidarity to call for a real commitment to clean energy solutions for a sustainable planet.

STORY: Why Protest Fossil Fuels in LA Harbor?

The National Day of Action is another manifestation of the growing movement demanding that our leaders act quickly and boldly to address climate change. It comes in the wake of the State Department’s recent announcement that it is extending its review of the Keystone XL Pipeline, and the Reject & Protect encampment in Washington, DC which highlighted the opposition of farmers, ranchers and Native Americans who would be directly impacted by the pipeline. Over 2.5 million Americans have already spoken out against the Keystone XL Pipeline project.

A complete list of events across the US can be found here:

The workshop will address environmental issues threatening local residents including plans to import tar sands for refining and to expand the practice of fracking, which often occurs over the vocal opposition of those communities most affected. The workshop will include presentations by Communities for a Better Environmentand Tar Sands Action SoCal in both English and Spanish. Once the workshop is finished, participants will walk one short block to Wilmington Waterfront Park on “C” Street for a public rally.

“Dirty fuels should be kept in the ground,” said Dan Chu, Senior Director for Sierra Club’s Our Wild America Campaign. “We should be investing in clean energy solutions, like wind and solar, and expanding smart transportation choices, not moving ahead with destructive projects like Keystone XL, or opening up special places off our coasts, on public lands or in the Arctic to destructive mining, fracking or drilling.”

The Port of Los Angeles is home to six major oil refineries and a massive oil infrastructure overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The nearby Port of Long Beach exports coal overseas. The Harbor area is one of the most polluted communities in the country, which includes Wilmington, San Pedro, and the cities of Carson and Long Beach. Residents face serious issues with air quality and other pollutants due to Harbor-related activities. The area is known as “cancer alley,” because of the high concentration of cancer, heart disease and asthma within its communities- which may be attributed to pollutants from heavy truck traffic in and out of the Port and releases from refineries.

Hands Across the Harbor is being organized by Communities for a Better Environment, California Nurses Association, Tar Sands Action SoCal, Wilder Utopia, Miss R*EVOLutionaries, Sierra Club, and Burbank Green Alliance, in partnership with the SoCal Climate Action Coalition 350.

Join us for Hands Across the Harbor on Sat., May 17 in the Port of LA. More info: and Facebook:

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LA Area Hands Across the Sand Events include:

Port of Los Angeles:

  • Workshop at 10:00 a.m.: Harbor View Place Apartments, 326 King Avenue, Wilmington, CA
  • Rally at 11:30 a.m.: Wilmington Waterfront Park, “C” Street and King Avenue, Wilmington, CA. Plenty of street parking.

Contact: Sherry Lear, , (310) 303-7950

Long Beach: Sponsored by Planet Rehab. Cherry Beach

  • (Corner of Junipero and E. Ocean, follow Junipero to beach parking lot.)

Contact: Gary Mitchell, , (323) 350-0873

Hands Across the Harbor