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Another Oil Rig Explodes in the Gulf of Mexico!

ANOTHER !! Oil Rig Explosion in the Gulf of Mexico

Oil Rig Explosion

National Public Radio, the New York Times, CNN and other media outlets are reporting that another offshore oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. According to the reports, the explosion occurred 80 miles off the coast of Louisiana, just east of the Deepwater Horizon rig that dominated the news for most of the past few months. At this point, the time of the incident isn't clear but Coast Guard Petty Officer Casey Ranel told NPR that the blast was reported by a commercial helicopter company about 9:30 a.m. CDT Thursday, September 2, 2010.

It is being reported that seven helicopters, two airplanes and four boats are en route to the site, about 80 miles south of Vermilion Bay along the central Louisiana coast. CNN is reporting that there were 13 workers at the site at the time of the explosion but only one was injured and all other workers have been accounted for and are unharmed.

According to NPR, the blast occurred west of the location of the April blast that caused the massive oil spill the world has been following for the past few months, however, unlike the BP blast, there have been no reports of leakage at this site -- at this point.

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Citing the Department of Homeland Security, the Associated Press reported that the rig was owned by the Texas-based Mariner Energy, and was not actively producing oil and gas. Patrick Cassidy, a spokesperson for Mariner Energy told CNBC that no oil spilled from the platform and that all wells have been shut. However, the Coast Guard reported sightings of a mile-long oil sheen near the rig, though it's unclear whether the oil is coming from the rig itself or the well.

More to come as this story unfolds. See video . . .