The Jazz Nightlight

The-BluesLips getting tired, been playing all night,
Jazz nightclub small money earn, light
dim, smoke filled room, remember
blues progressions, chord changes, number
of times chorus improvising, strong
are my fellow musicians, my endurance longs
to rest, chops reach for the high note
on my horn, sounds small and weak, emote
for a phrase, then rest.

Rhythm slowed down to midnight sultry,
dark minor chord moves to my entry,
to the solo, blowin’ on the melody,
sax comes in softly in harmony,
to slow dancing couples slink smoothly.

The last number is done, I wipe my sore mouth,
pack my trumpet softly in it’s case, south
I’ll drive to my motel, tough tour
this has been, mutes packed in purple velour
bag, say goodnight to the fellows.
Step outside to damp night air, mellow
is my mind, for jazz and blues was tight,
played well tonight at the Jazz Nightlight.

The jazz and Blues scene in Los Angeles is hot. Young and old musicians get together in the diverse jazz clubs around the city to elaborate on the chord changes. The clubs light up the night with brilliant tunes from the past to creative newer melodies.They range from the small, intimate venues like Jax Bar, in Glendale, to the larger scene like Catalina Jazz Club on Sunset. Large swing bands preform the oldies. Latin jazz fuse the Latin rhythms and improvisation, smaller bands play Bop and Bebop to syncopation, and individual performers dig deep to tell sad stories in the Blues.

Los Angeles has always had a rich, diverse arts and music culture. Downtown Los Angeles has one of the worlds best art galleries of every style. The music scene is more spread out over this huge city which makes it more available to us. We even have one of the best jazz and blues radio stations, K-Jazz on 88.1, FM.

So, be good to yourself and visit a jazz and blues club in your area. In trying times like these, live music will scintillate your soul.

S. Blair Fox



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