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Topping this week's top 10 most read articles list is our friend from the carbon world, Linda Milazzo, whose "Just Imagine the Rose Parade Occupied for the People" tied coverage of Occupy Rose Parade preparations with the spirit of John Lennon's "Imagine."

Linda Milazzo

A native New Yorker, Linda is a life-long activist and educator, starting with protests against the Vietnam War and continuing through her coverage of the Occupy Movement today. As an experienced and frequently published new media journalist, Linda has given us sound guidance over the past four years as we have developed LA Progressive.

We're delighted when we bump into her at progressive gatherings around Los Angeles and we're delighted her article is here at the top of this week's list.

10 Most Read Article
31 December to 7 January 2012

1. Just Imagine the Rose Parade Occupied for the People, Linda Milazzo.


2. Why Leftists Should Support Obama's Reelection, Walter Moss

3. 6 Things Obama Must Do to Bring Back Disillusioned Activists, Mark Naison

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