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Julie Driscoll's look at the long-term effects of the Komen Foundation's ill-advised decision to strip its funding for Planned Parenthood for what were rather obviously political reasons, led this week's LA Progressive 10 Most Read articles list.


Writing from her home base in Chicago and covering events throughout the Upper Midwest, Julie Driscoll frequently presents her take on issues of the day in Politics Anonymous and is heavily involved with "boots on the ground" activism. For more from Julie, see her author page.

LA Progressive Most Read Articles
January 28 to February 4, 2012

1. Komen, We’re Not Done with You Yet,Julie Driscoll: Komen is between a rock and a hard place: Fund Planned Parenthood and the anti-choice zealots breathe fire; de-fund it and progressives who’ve firmly supported its cause withdraw support and trash it on Facebook and Twitter and blogs.

2. Teachers Demand Arne Duncan’s Removal, Mark Naison: We, the undersigned, a cross section of the nation’s teachers and their supporters, wish to express our extreme displeasure with the policies implemented during your administration by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

julie driscoll

Julie Driscoll

3. Newt Gingrich and What Black People Need: Intellectualizing Racism, Anthony Samad: By intellectualizing racism, Gingrich is leaving his signature card with Americans that still have a race problem with Obama. We can’t let it work.

4. Obama’s Free Trade Agreement: Backdoor Deal with Corporate America? Timothy Robertson and Matt Kavanagh: The Obama administration’s U.S. Trade Representative is gathering secretly in Los Angeles with negotiators from around the world for a session that could create a whole new set of international trade rules: rules that favor the wealthy 1% of corporate interests.

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5. Are Black Conservatives Simply Useful Idiots?David Love: Now, when the GOP is tea party-owned and steeped in 100% pure corporatism, greed, intolerance and white supremacy, black conservatives are simply useful idiots.

6. Is Capitalism on Trial? Peter Dreier: The high unemployment rate among today’s youth, and the enormous increase in debt owed by college students and recent graduates, has something to do with their growing doubts about capitalism. So does their uncertainty about their own future and the country’s future.

7. California AG Kamala Harris Standing Firm Against Foreclosure Settlement, Sharon Kyle: Kamala Harris standing firm on decision to reject bank settlement that could garner the state $15 billion but would release bank liability.

jackie speier

Jackie Speier

8. Jackie Speier Drops Breast Cancer Foundation Support, Tanya Somanader: Wednesday, America’s most well-known breast cancer organization Susan G. Komen succumbed to right-wing pressure and ended its partnership with Planned Parenthood, causing Rep. Jackie Speier to drop her support.

9. LA Times: Layoffs, Sabotage and Suicides?Steve Mikulan: Ed Padgett was driving in the rain to a union meeting when the L.A. Times called to tell him he was fired. The pressman, a third-generation Times employee, listened in shock.

10. Mittens, You’re No Tom Paine,Dave Blake: What really bugs me is Romney going out of his way to quote Tom Paine, the most radical of the American revolutionary pamphleteers. Isn't distorting Jesus enough for him? Is he going after Marx next?