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Los Angeles Times Building

Los Angeles Times Building

The following letter was written to the LA Times in response to their December 3, 2011 article, "Postscript: Digging into the Occupy L.A. 'mess'." The writer, Scott Peer, also sent a copy to the LA Progressive. We are posting it with his permission:

It's not a huge surprise that The LA Times continues to slant against Occupy LA, even in the postscript (12/3 Postscript: Digging into the Occupy L.A. 'mess'). After all, the advertisers are corporations with executives at the top who want to preserve their low tax rates, cozy relationships with government officials, immunity from justice, and positions of power. They use their advertising dollars as levers to promote their personal agendas in all the commercial media. I spend a dollar on a paper, they spend thousands on their ads, and clearly they have greater influence than I on the editing of the paper.However, there comes a time when the slant is taken to the absurd. When Assistant City Editor Steve Marble mentions the remains of the encampment after the LAPD raid and claims "whether it was the occupiers or the police created that mess, I can't really say for certain", is anyone supposed to believe that? The Times has an office less than half a block from the main entrance to Occupy LA, close enough that they can look out the window to see it. I was at the encampment a few hours before the raid, and about half of the people had already cleared out, leaving bare dirt where their tents had been. As usual, people in the movement were continually picking up litter in order to keep the encampment neat. After all, it was their home. Like many others, I have photos of this. So the encampment carried on in a relatively consistent manner for almost 2 months, and then the LAPD raided them and left behind a mess. Even the news reports noted that the LAPD searched tents. Are we are supposed to wink while we pretend that we don't know who caused the mess?

Scott Peer

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