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robert reich

Robert Reich

As we indicated in yesterday's "From The Editors" editorial, we will follow up our "10 Most Read Articles in 2011" with weekly and monthly versions. Please let us know if you find these lists useful.

This week's Top 10 list includes only articles we published between December 25th and 31st. Several articles from earlier in the month attracted more readers than several on this list -- and we have a couple older articles that still attract a lot of attention, probably because they pop up high on searches.

bruce reilly

Bruce Reilly

As he often does, Robert Reich topped our weekly chart during this vacation week with his article discussing the advantages of a Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton for November's election, with Joe Biden moving to State. This week, Robert is back proposing a Willard "Mitt" Romney-Marco Rubio slate for the Republicans. Let's hope they settle on something: Haven't we heard all we need to hear from the GOP?

Let's take this opportunity to introduce a new writer to LA Progressive. We met Bruce Reilly in early November at a conference in Watts about restoring rights -- rights to vote, to work, to attend school, to survive "outside" -- to the formerly incarcerated. Bruce published the Unprison blog designed to bring attention to the movement to help better integrate former prisoners back into society and otherwise fighting to stem the influence of the prison-industrial complex.

Bruce, who just completed his first semester in law school, captured two spots on this week's top 10 (which is why we included an eleventh selection), writing about moves to reform California's juvenile imprisonment system and also about the way parole is often used to make sure formerly incarcerated can't succeed once they're released.

dick price

Dick Price, Editor
LA Progressive

TOP 10 WEEKLY MOST READ ARTICLES: December 25-31, 2011

1. My Political Prediction for 2012: It’s Obama-Clinton, Robert Reich

2. Republicans Have a Gambling Problem, Tina Dupuy

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7. California Ending Funding of Child Prisons, Bruce Reilly

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9. The Donald's Christmas Present to Obama, David Love

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11. Dr. Paul's Patented Super Miracle Cure-All Remedy, Mark Halfmoon